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    2 This package has a set of configuration files for the TCSH (csh) shell.
    3 It makes heavy use of the nice usability features of TCSH.
    5 To use it, you need to be running the TCSH shell.
    6 Check your appropriate line in /etc/passwd to see if you run TCSH.
    7 If not, you may be able to use "chsh" to change your shell to "/bin/tcsh".
    9 There is a Makefile in the project directory. Type “make” to view 
   10 the installation options.
   12   % make 		display this help
   14   % make backup		take a backup of the original .tcshrc
   15                         (it is saved as .tcshrc.ORIGINAL)
   16                         you should run this once in the begining
   17                         otherwise you may overwrite the backup
   19   % make install	install the new .tcshrc* files in
   20                         the current directory
   22   % make systeminstall	install the new .tcshrc* files in
   23                         /usr/local/share/tcshrc, then add
   24                         tcshrc_config to /usr/local/bin/
   26 Now read the FAQ file on the new functionality and how to use it properly.
   28 For more information, contact Simos Xenitellis <simos.lists@googlemail.com>