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    2 Network-downloaded images may contain exploits to vulnerabilities in your
    3 image viewer or in the libraries used by the viewer. This may allow viruses
    4 or other malwares to get installed in your account, or compromise your
    5 personal data. In worst cases, kernel vulnerabilities may in turn be
    6 exploited to compromise the whole system.
    8 This mask token provides enough protection against such risks. It is known
    9 to work with the program "display" of ImageMagick, and probably many others,
   10 on a local X windows. Others such as "ee" do not work, because they require
   11 more accesses. The latter is better be avoided when viewing untrusted
   12 images.
   14 The masks deny the viewer's rights to write to the local filesystem, to
   15 open a network connection, to fork itself out or to execute another program,
   16 to create ipc objects, among others. Some of the protections may be slightly
   17 weakened without compromising security, to accomodate programs that need
   18 more access rights.
   20 To use the protection "on the fly", type
   22 sysmask img display your_image_file