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    1 <?php
    3 require "tests.php";
    5 check::classes(array('Foo','Bar','Spam','NRFilter_i','NRRCFilter_i','NRRCFilterpro_i','NRRCFilterpri_i'));
    7 // We shouldn't be able to instantiate any of these classes since they are all
    8 // abstract (in each case there's a pure virtual function in the base class
    9 // which isn't implemented).
   10 foreach (array('Foo','Bar','Spam','NRFilter_i','NRRCFilter_i','NRRCFilterpro_i','NRRCFilterpri_i')as $class) {
   11     try {
   12     $obj = eval("new $class();");
   13     check::fail("Should not be able to instantiate abstract class $class");
   14     } catch (Error $e) {
   15     check::equal($e->getMessage(), "Cannot instantiate abstract class $class", "Unexpected exception: {$e->getMessage()}");
   16     }
   17 }
   19 check::done();