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    1 This directory contains the HTML for the SWIG users manual.
    3 All of this HTML is hand-written.  However, section numbering, indices,
    4 and the table of contents are generated automatically by the 'maketoc.py'
    5 script. The Makefile has further information on how the various alternative
    6 forms of the documentation are generated from the hand-written HTML.
    8 There are 4 types of boxes that code or whatever can be inside:
    9   - <div class="shell">...</div>
   10     This is for text that shows the output of running commands on the shell.
   11   - <div class="code">...</div>
   12     This is for either C, C++, or SWIG code
   13   - <div class="targetlang">...</div>
   14     This is for code in a target scripting language
   15   - <div class="diagram">...</div>
   16     This is for text that is not code or a shell
   18 The general format is
   19 <div class="foo"><pre>
   20 whatever here
   21 </pre></div>