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SWIG Users Manual

1 Preface

2 Introduction

3 Getting started on Windows

4 Scripting Languages

5 SWIG Basics

6 SWIG and C++

7 SWIG and C++11

8 SWIG and C++14

9 SWIG and C++17

10 SWIG and C++20

11 Preprocessing

12 SWIG library

13 Argument Handling

14 Typemaps

15 Customization Features

16 Contracts

17 Variable Length Arguments

18 SWIG and Doxygen Translation

19 Warning Messages

20 Working with Modules

21 Using SWIG with ccache - ccache-swig(1) manpage

22 SWIG and Android

23 SWIG and C#

24 SWIG and D

25 SWIG and Go

26 SWIG and Guile

27 SWIG and Java

28 SWIG and Javascript

29 SWIG and Lua

30 SWIG and Octave

31 SWIG and Perl5

32 SWIG and PHP

33 SWIG and Python

34 SWIG and R

35 SWIG and Ruby

36 SWIG and Scilab

37 SWIG and Tcl

38 SWIG and MzScheme/Racket

39 SWIG and OCaml

40 Extending SWIG to support new languages