9 SWIG and C++17

9.1 Introduction

This chapter gives you a brief overview about the SWIG implementation of the C++17 standard. There isn't much in C++17 that affects SWIG, however, work has only just begun on adding C++17 support.

Compatibility note: SWIG-4.0.0 is the first version to support any C++17 features.

9.2 Core language changes

9.2.1 Nested namespace definitions

C++17 offers a more concise syntax for defining namespaces. SWIG has support for nested namespace definitions such as:

namespace A::B::C {

This is the equivalent to the C++98 namespace definitions:

namespace A {
  namespace B {
    namespace C {

9.2.2 UTF-8 character literals

C++17 added UTF-8 (u8) character literals. These are of type char. Example:

char a = u8'a';

9.2.3 Hexadecimal floating literals

C++17 added hexadecimal floating literals. For example:

double f = 0xF.68p2;

9.3 Standard library changes