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SWIG Parameter Handling

David M. Beazley
January 9, 2007


This document describes the functions related to management of function parameters and parameter lists in the SWIG core. These functions are declared in Source/Swig/swigparm.h. This API is considered to be stable.


The following utility functions are used to create and copy individual parameters. In their most basic form, a parameter merely contains a type, a name, and an optional default value.

Parm *NewParm(SwigType *type, const String_or_char *name)

Creates a new parameter object with type type and name name. The type is stored in the attribute "type" and the name is stored in the attribute "name".

Parm *CopyParm(Parm *p)

Copies a parameter object. All string attributes are copied in the process of making the copy. However, no complex attributes (lists, hashes, etc.) are copied.

Parameter Lists

ParmList *CopyParmList(ParmList *p)

Creates a copy of a parameter list. A parameter list is merely a linked list of parameters created by NewParm().

ParmList *CopyParmListMax(ParmList *p, int count)

Copies at most count parameters from the parameter list p.

int ParmList_len(ParmList *p)

Returns the total number of parameters in a parameter list.

int ParmList_numrequired(ParmList *p)

Returns the number of required parameters in a parameter list. This pertains to invoking a function/method in C/C++.

int ParmList_has_defaultargs(ParmList *p)

Returns 1 if the parameter list has any default arguments. Otherwise returns 0.

Code Generation Functions

String *ParmList_str(ParmList *p)

Creates a C prototype string of the parameters, but without any default values.

String *ParmList_str_defaultargs(ParmList *p)

Creates a C prototype string of the parameters and includes the default values (if any).

String *ParmList_protostr(ParmList *p)

Creates a C prototype string of the parameters.