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    1 NLS Translations for sudo are coordinated through the Translation
    2 Project, at https://translationproject.org/
    4 If you would like to contribute a translation for sudo, please join
    5 a translation team at the Translation Project instead of contributing
    6 a po file directly.  This will avoid duplicated work if there is
    7 already a translation in progress.  If you would like to become a
    8 member of a translation team, please follow the instructions at
    9 https://translationproject.org/html/translators.html
   11 The messages in sudo are split into two domains: sudo and sudoers.
   12 The former is used by the sudo front-end and utility functions.
   13 The latter is used by the sudoers policy and I/O logging plug-ins
   14 as well as the sudoers-specific commands visudo and sudoreplay.