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    1 Stud.IP
    3 For more information on Stud.IP please visit our website at
    4 http://www.studip.de
    5 or our developer forum at
    6 http://develop.studip.de
    7 For information on how to install this package please read the INSTALL file.
    9 All files contained in this archive are licensed as stated in the COPYING
   10 file. Please check out the AUTHORS file to see who helped make this possible.
   12 If you find any bugs please feel free and send an e-mail to crew@studip.de.
   13 You can also use our bugtracker located at:
   14 http://develop.studip.de
   16 Future versions of this code can be downloaded from:
   17 http://sourceforge.net/projects/studip
   19 Thanks for taking the time to download this code. If you have any questions
   20 please feel free to contact us.
   22 - The StudIP Core Group <info@studip.de> 2021