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    1 1.1.9
    2 Added sensor crop overlay
    4 0.99.3
    5 Various improvemenrts and use new rendering engine of core
    6 Use editable keybindings
    8 0.13.1
    9 Added custom stylesheets.
   10 Fixed the "QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'oculars' is still
   11 in use, all queries will cease to work." warning on exiting Stellarium.
   13 0.11.0 [2009-12-09]
   14 * Updated to build correctly with new core & ui.
   15 * Requires ini file of a particular version; if it is not found, any existing
   16 one will be renamed, and a new one copied into place.
   17 * Changed the hotkeys to Command-Fx (or Control-Fx for non-Mac users).
   18 * changed the ini filoe to start with index 01.  This is useful for sorting.
   19 * Changed the exit circle (exit pupil) to be calculated.  This reuires the
   20 addition og the telescope diameter to the ini file.
   21 * Add a local StelDialog clone to overcome a stupid Windows issue.
   23 0.10.0 [2009-09-13]
   24 Updated to build with new core (new plugin info method)
   25 Move icons into QT resource
   26 Move module.ini into resource called default_ocular.ini / ocular.ini (when file)
   28 0.1.0 [2009-02-17]
   29 Created plugin