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    1 This file lists caveats to the normal install instructions, some of which 
    2 might apply to your distro. This file is a work in progress.
    4 _Suse 9.2_
    6 Under Suse 9.2, sshd log messages are sent to AUTH not AUTHPRIV. Consequently,
    7 install route 2 must configure syslog with:
    8 auth.*		|/var/run/sshd.fifo
    9 instead of:
   10 authpriv.*	|/var/run/sshd.fifo
   12 and install route 1 must say:
   13 auth.*,authpriv.           <your normal system log file>
   14 (hopefully you can use authpriv - if not mail me)
   16 _Mac OS X_
   18 Have had reports that ipfw support does work. Install route 2 must not use 
   19 a | in the syslog.conf fifo name. The quick and easy install route is to
   20 use the OS X port of sshdfilter:
   21 http://projects.seas.columbia.edu/sshdfilter/
   23 _BSD_
   25 Install route 2 must not use a | in the syslog.conf fifo name.
   28 _CentOS 5_
   30 Uses multi-line sshd output, which was introduced into sshdfilter 1.5.6
   31 There are no examples so regular expressions for those multi-line messages 
   32 have not been written.