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    1 bin_PROGRAMS = srg
    2 srg_SOURCES = configuration.cc ip2user.cc LocationReport.cc main.cc md5.c output.cc parseURL.cc Report.cc SiteReport.cc UserReport.cc utils.cc filterSites.cc ../include/debug.h ../include/getline.hh ../include/LocationReport.h ../include/md5.h ../include/prototypes.h ../include/Report.h ../include/resolver.hh ../include/SiteReport.h ../include/srg.h ../include/UserReport.h
    3 srg_CPPFLAGS = -I../include -I../libconfig -DDATADIR=\"${datadir}\" \
    4 			   			  -DSYSCONFDIR=\"${sysconfdir}\"	
    5 srg_LDADD = -lconfig @LEXLIB@ @LIBS@
    6 srg_LDFLAGS = -L../libconfig
    8 man1_MANS = ../doc/srg.man