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    1 The following tasks consist of the TODO list for SRG. 
    3 Next Release:
    5 * Merge username to fullname patch from Guiliani Cioffi
    6 * Improve support for multiple log file formats
    7 * Add time/date style access report, similar to what SARG has
    8 * Fix autoconf on alpha, mistakenly enables -O2 for some reason
   10 Version 2.0 - Distant Future :):
   12 * Rewrite and improve reporting structure to allow reports to be linked in
   13   and arbitrary sequence
   14 * Implement templating engine for report output
   15 * Make SRG database backed (optional) to allow for a web-based real-time
   16   frontend to see who is doing what
   17 * Whatever you suggest...
   19 If you have any suggestions or items that you would like to see on this
   20 todo list please email them to the mailing list described in the README
   21 file. Patches are even better and are likely to result in your desired
   22 feature being included much much quicker.