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    1 --Compiling squidview
    3   $ ./configure
    4   $ make
    6 The program is c/c++ and uses the ncurses library for obtaining some
    7 keystrokes. Old gcc compilers can fail in compiling this program; if so
    8 start afresh by deleting the source directory, unpack then
   10   $ cp Makefile.old Makefile
   11   $ make oldgcc
   13 ... and install manually.
   15 Since version 0.77 squidview has support for large files, > 4 gigs.
   16 Squidview may still handle large logs even when the support is not detected
   17 by the configure script.
   19 --Installation
   21 If "configure" and "make" are successful:
   23   # make install-strip
   25 "make install-strip" will provide a smaller executable than "make install"
   26 because the latter has quite a bit of debugging information with it.
   28 Or if you aren't the superuser the program will still run if you have read
   29 access to the squid log file.
   31 This program assumes the main squid log file is here:
   32   /usr/local/squid/var/logs/access.log
   33 If it isn't just symlink it appropriately from the following default. This
   34 directory and links are made in the user's home space when squidview is first
   35 run by the user.
   37   graeme@localhost:~/.squidview$ ls -l
   38   HOWTO -> /usr/local/share/squidview/HOWTO
   39   log1 -> /usr/local/squid/var/logs/access.log
   40   log2 -> log1
   41   log3 -> log1
   42   users
   43   words
   45 In this case squidview expects the primary log to be "log1", and the symlink
   46 redirects it to where the file actually is. Three log locations are supported
   47 which gives you a bit of room for accomodating rotating logs.
   49 This tar.gz archive comes with an example access.log named example.log.
   50 Symlink it to view it with squidview, or copy it to your ~/.squidview
   51 directory. The same applies to the HOWTO.
   53 "users" and "words" are reporting files - these can be symlinks to /etc if
   54 you would rather have these files there. "aliases" is another text file,
   55 this time for mapping IP numbers to user-defined names.
   57 This package comes with example "users", "words" and "aliases" files you can
   58 build on.