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    1 --Bugs
    3 I said:
    5 > On my system the program can segfault when a report is being generated
    6 > under certain conditions. This happens when the c++ STL sort function is
    7 > called too often. Sorting is used to speed up access to the tables and
    8 > reduce the time you have to wait for a report to complete.
   10 The problem has been found and fixed by Mike Reid (a fellow New Zealander.)
   11 I was dereferencing a null pointer in one function and writing to a string
   12 that had been c_str() in another - pretty big coding mistakes if you ask me.
   13 Naughty boy etc.
   15 For stability reasons my routines are still used, however this is not the
   16 fastest solution. You can get about a 20% speed boost if you set
   17 "bRepMySort" to "no", as I previously explained:
   19 > There are two variables in squidview.conf which direct sorting operations.
   20 > "bRepMySort" can be set to "yes" to use my sort routines, or "no" otherwise.
   21 > "iRepFast" is an integer. After this many lines of processing a sort is made.
   22 > Therefore the smaller this number the more often sorts are made. I've
   23 > settled on a 10000 value for this; your mileage may vary. Making "iRepFast"
   24 > 0 disables sorting completely. Squidview catches segfaults and will tell you
   25 > if it happened during the STL sort.