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Spring Framework Build

This folder contains the custom plugins and conventions for the Spring Framework build. They are declared in the build.gradle file in this folder.

Build Conventions

The org.springframework.build.conventions plugin applies all conventions to the Framework build:

Build Plugins

Optional dependencies

The org.springframework.build.optional-dependencies plugin creates a new optional Gradle configuration - it adds the dependencies to the project's compile and runtime classpath but doesn't affect the classpath of dependent projects. This plugin does not provide a provided configuration, as the native compileOnly and testCompileOnly configurations are preferred.

API Diff

This plugin uses the Gradle JApiCmp plugin to generate API Diff reports for each Spring Framework module. This plugin is applied once on the root project and creates tasks in each framework module. Unlike previous versions of this part of the build, there is no need for checking out a specific tag. The plugin will fetch the JARs we want to compare the current working version with. You can generate the reports for all modules or a single module:

./gradlew apiDiff -PbaselineVersion=5.1.0.RELEASE
./gradlew :spring-core:apiDiff -PbaselineVersion=5.1.0.RELEASE

The reports are located under build/reports/api-diff/$OLDVERSION_to_$NEWVERSION/.

RuntimeHints Java Agent

The spring-core-test project module contributes the RuntimeHintsAgent Java agent.

The RuntimeHintsAgentPlugin Gradle plugin creates a dedicated "runtimeHintsTest" test task for each project. This task will detect and execute tests tagged with the "RuntimeHintsTests" JUnit tag. In the Spring Framework test suite, those are usually annotated with the @EnabledIfRuntimeHintsAgent annotation.

By default, the agent will instrument all classes located in the "org.springframework" package, as they are loaded. The RuntimeHintsAgentExtension allows to customize this using a DSL:

// this applies the `RuntimeHintsAgentPlugin` to the project
plugins {
    id 'org.springframework.build.runtimehints-agent'

// You can configure the agent to include and exclude packages from the instrumentation process.
runtimeHintsAgent {
    includedPackages = ["org.springframework", "io.spring"]
    excludedPackages = ["org.example"]

dependencies {
    // to use the test infrastructure, the project should also depend on the "spring-core-test" module

With this configuration, ./gradlew runtimeHintsTest will run all tests instrumented by this java agent. The global ./gradlew check task depends on runtimeHintsTest.

NOTE: the "spring-core-test" module doesn't shade "spring-core" by design, so the agent should never instrument code that doesn't have "spring-core" on its classpath.