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    1 #!/usr/bin/env bash
    2 set -euo pipefail
    3 # Checks the latest version of Snyk CLI on npm and decides the next version.
    4 # Only output the next version to stdout. All other output should go to stderr.
    6 CURRENT_VERSION="$(npm view snyk version)"
    7 RELEASE_BRANCH="master"
    8 if [ "${CIRCLE_BRANCH:-}" == "${RELEASE_BRANCH}" ]; then
    9     NEXT_VERSION="$(npx semver "${CURRENT_VERSION}" -i minor)"
   10 else
   11     NEXT_VERSION="${CURRENT_VERSION}-dev.$(git rev-parse HEAD)"
   12 fi
   13 echo "Current version: ${CURRENT_VERSION}" 1>&2
   14 echo "Next version:    ${NEXT_VERSION}" 1>&2
   16 echo "${NEXT_VERSION}"