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    1 SMBNetFS is a Linux/FreeBSD filesystem that allow you to use samba/microsoft
    2 network in the same manner as the network neighborhood in Microsoft Windows.
    4 Features:
    5  - Linux-2.6 and FreeBSD >= 6.0 are supported (Linux-2.4 is not tested)
    6  - you can use Samba/Microsoft network as a regular unix filesystem
    7  - workgroup/computer/share entries are dynamically created
    8  - windows domain supported
    9  - user defined workgroup/link/hosts are supported
   10  - national character supported
   11  - in config files you can specify different user/password to access different
   12    network shares
   13  - use gnome keyring as password storage
   14  - you can access any computer in the world by "cd mountpoint/ip-addr"
   15    command, where "ip-addr" is the IP address of the desired computer. Do not
   16    warry that there is no file with such name :-)
   17  - command "cd mountpoint/username:password@computer_or_ip" allows you to
   18    access "computer_or_ip" as user "username" with password "password"
   19    (this is insecure, but usefull) 
   20  - the program is multithreaded, so simultaneous access to a file/share
   21    is possible
   22  - config files are reloaded every 5 min or by SIGHUP signal
   23  - sources
   25 author
   26 Mikhail Kshevetskiy <Mikhail _dot_ Kshevetskiy _at_ gmail _dot_ com>