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    1 /*! \mainpage The Sleuth Kit (TSK) Framework User's Guide and API Reference
    3   <h3>Overview</h3>
    4   The framework in TSK makes it easier to build automated, end-to-end digital forensics applications.  
    5   If you need only volume and file system-level support, then the original Sleuth Kit library may be all you need.  
    6   If you want a more comprehensive disk image analysis solution, the framework will help. 
    7   It's plug-in pipelines allow you to incorporate a variety of analysis techniques into your application.
    9   The framework was designed to be used in a distributed environment so that jobs could be scheduled among a cluster of computers, but it can also be used to create desktop applications. 
   10   The tsk_analyzeimg program provided with the Sleuth Kit is an example of a simple desktop program that uses the framework. 
   12 This document is for:
   13   - Users of tools that leverage the framework.
   14   - Developers who want to make modules for the framework.
   15   - Developers who want to integrate the framework into a larger system.
   17 <h3>Framework Overview</h3>
   18 The following pages contain an overview of the framework.  Both users and developers should be familiar with this content. 
   19   - \subpage basics_page
   20   - \subpage pipeline_config_page
   21   - \subpage mod_bbpage
   24 <h3>Developers Guide to Building Modules</h3>
   25 The following pages are relevant when developing modules to be used in the framework.
   26   - \subpage mod_devpage
   27   - \subpage mod_example_page
   28   - \subpage img_db_schema_v1_5_page
   31 <h3>Developers Guide to Using the Framework</h3>
   32 The following pages are relevant when integrating the framework into a new or existing application. 
   33   - \subpage fw_setup_page 
   34   - \subpage fw_extract_page
   35   - \subpage fw_pipeline_page
   36   - \subpage fw_example_page
   38 Application developers may also wish to examine the source code for tsk_analyzeimg, which is included with the framework.  
   39 It is a single-threaded command line program that analyzes a disk image using the framework's pipeline infrastructure to run a file analysis pipeline and a post-processing pipeline.   
   41 */