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    1 # This is not a real Debian control file
    2 # It's project metadata for the shipper tool
    4 Package: showkey
    6 Description: A simple keystroke visualizer
    7  All this program does is read keystrokes and spit them back at you in
    8  a simple, printable form.  This is one of these silly little utilities
    9  that you never think you'll need until some unexpected situation pops
   10  up and you have to have it.  Then you get to be mugged by the details
   11  of tty-interface code, yippee.  Never again!
   13 #XBS-Destinations: freshcode
   15 Homepage: http://www.catb.org/~esr/showkey
   17 XBS-HTML-Target: index.html
   19 #XBS-Repository-URL: http://thyrsus.com/gitweb/?p=showkey.git
   21 XBS-Logo: showkey-logo.png
   23 XBS-VC-Tag-Template: %(version)s