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    1 #
    2 # Debian Shorewall 5.2 rc file
    3 #
    4 BUILD=                                  #Default is to detect the build system
    5 HOST=debian
    6 PREFIX=/usr                             #Top-level directory for shared files, libraries, etc.
    7 SHAREDIR=${PREFIX}/share                #Directory for arch-neutral files.
    8 LIBEXECDIR=${PREFIX}/share              #Directory for executable scripts.
    9 PERLLIBDIR=${PREFIX}/share/shorewall    #Directory to install Shorewall Perl module directory
   10 CONFDIR=/etc                            #Directory where subsystem configurations are installed
   11 SBINDIR=/sbin                           #Directory where system administration programs are installed
   12 MANDIR=${PREFIX}/share/man              #Directory where manpages are installed.
   13 INITDIR=/etc/init.d                     #Directory where SysV init scripts are installed.
   14 INITFILE=$PRODUCT                       #Name of the product's installed SysV init script
   15 INITSOURCE=init.debian.sh               #Name of the distributed file to be installed as the SysV init script
   16 ANNOTATED=                              #If non-zero, annotated configuration files are installed
   17 SYSCONFFILE=default.debian.sysvinit              #Name of the distributed file to be installed in $SYSCONFDIR
   18 SERVICEFILE=				#Name of the file to install in $SYSTEMD. Default is $PRODUCT.service
   19 SYSCONFDIR=/etc/default                 #Directory where SysV init parameter files are installed
   20 SERVICEDIR=				#Directory where .service files are installed (systems running systemd only)
   21 SPARSE=Yes                              #If non-empty, only install $PRODUCT/$PRODUCT.conf in $CONFDIR
   22 VARLIB=/var/lib                         #Directory where product variable data is stored.
   23 VARDIR=${VARLIB}/$PRODUCT               #Directory where product variable data is stored.
   24 DEFAULT_PAGER=/usr/bin/less		#Pager to use if none specified in shorewall[6].conf