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Member "sfk-1.9.6/scripts/15-sfk-selftest-ux-fix.txt" (22 Feb 2020, 437 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/sfk-1.9.6.tar.gz:

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    1 $TEXE -nocol filter testfiles/Formats/20-tab-data-line.txt -spat -rep "_\q__" -sep "\t" -form "\"#col1\";\"#col2\";\"#col3\";\"#col4\";\"#col5\"" >res-24.txt
    2 $TEXE test $TCMD T11.1.tabform res-24.txt
    4 $TEXE -nocol filter testfiles/Formats/34-csv-data-lines.txt -spat -rep "_\x01__" -within "\q*\q" -rep "_,_\x01_" -sep "," -form "#col5\t#col3\t#col1\t#col2\t#col4" -rep "_\x01_,_" >res-271.txt
    5 $TEXE test $TCMD T27.1.csvdata res-271.txt