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    1    Revision 2:
    2    -  rel: 22.02.2020, Minor Update
    3    -  sum: Fixed CRC checksum calculation with 64-bit sfk.
    4            Better handling of multiple network interfaces with sfk ip.
    5    -  FIX: sfk 64 bit: wrong crc checksum calculations.
    6            sfk zip created wrong crc checksums.
    7            sfk unzip showed wrong crc error messages.
    8            sfk crc, crcgento, crccheck produced
    9            wrong results.
   10    -  CHG: OUTPUT CHANGE: sfk ip under windows:
   11            now gives a list of all possible ip's
   12            if more than one network interface exists.
   13            the preferred ip can now be filtered by
   14            environment variable SFK_OWN_NET.
   15            for batch files the output of 'sfk ip'
   16            can also be predefined by SFK_OWN_IP.
   17    -  add: calc: now tolerates whitespace text.
   18    -  add: udpdump: sfk for windows: when listening 
   19            for multicast traffic sfk now listens
   20            on all network interfaces.
   21    -  doc: xed: reasons for unexpected line breaks.
   22    -  fix: compile: vc14 (vs2015) support.
   23    Initial Release:
   24    -  rel: 08.02.2020, Major Update
   25    -  sum: important bugfixes for file selection.
   26            improved help for general options.
   27            improved web server and scripting.
   28    -  FIX: multi directory file selection using
   29             -dir ... -subdir ... -dir ... [-file]
   30            selected far too few files, or stopped
   31            with an error if another -file was given.
   32            check your scripts for this combination.
   33    -  FIX: crash on some -dir -subdir usages in two
   34            subsequent chain commands.
   35    -  chg: httpserv: improved page layout with
   36            more compact file list output.
   37            added option -wide for old format.
   38    -  add: script: system variables
   39            sys.ownscript.name
   40            sys.ownscript.text
   41            to get the filename and text data
   42            of the current running script.
   43    -  add: crccheck -sane to skip files which are
   44            newer than the crc list.
   45    -  fix: option -fileset stopped the command chain,
   46            following commands like +filter were ignored.
   47    -  chg: select: can now use a list of filenames
   48            given by -flist.
   49    -  chg: xfind: now accepts filenames produced by
   50            a previous command (just as extract and
   51            xhexfind already did), allowing to run
   52            a nested search.
   53    -  chg: ascii: alignment of first hex codes,
   54            change of headline text.
   55    -  chg: sfk web: download limit default size
   56            increased from 30 to 100 mb.
   57    -  doc: full rework of sfk help options.
   58    -  doc: select, zip: -flist examples.
   59    -  doc: stat: option -flist.
   60    -  doc: xfind: how to run a nested search with
   61            xfind -names ... +xfind.
   62    -  doc: xfind: how to get result text and filename
   63            within the same line.
   64    -  doc: xfind: example how to search a mail inbox.
   65    -  add: support for zip extension .jmod