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    1 2.21.10: * hotfixes for PHP 8
    2 2.21.7: * add some newlines in output to make it better humanly readable
    3 2.21.6: * add missing 'u' inline element
    4 2.21.5: * nl2p: if the double newline contains spaces, e.g. \n \n, these
    5           spaces are now ignored
    6         * fixed the direct concatenation: if the body ends without a newline
    7           and the extended starts without, there is no margin between
    8           the paragraphs (was broken)
   10 2.21.4: * changed <a> tags to html5 - can now include every block element
   11         * added a new function which processes html comments. Now everything
   12           inside an html comment is ignored
   14 2.21.3: Include figure and figcaption tags.
   15         Thanks to @stephanbrunker!