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Serendipity - A reliable, secure & extensible PHP blog

Serendipity is a PHP-powered weblog engine that gives the user an easy way to maintain a blog. While the default package is designed for the casual blogger, Serendipity offers an expandable framework with the power for professional applications.

Serendipity Example


On most hosters, everything needed to run Serendipity should already be installed. If you install it on your custom server, install PHP >= 7.0, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL or SQLite, and Apache. Imagemagick is also useful. Upload the files from a release archive to your webroot and visit your URL to start the installer.

For more details, please consult the manual.


By default, Serendipity includes:

  1. An editor to write blog entries
  2. Support for trackbacks and pingbacks
  3. A media library to upload images, videos and other files and add them into entries
  4. Integrated anti-spam measures
  5. A collection of themes that can be selected in the backend
  6. A plugin management interface
  7. Categories that can be applied to written blog entries
  8. Groups and user management

Via plugins, additional functionality can easily be added. Some popular plugins add

  1. Support for static pages, transforming Serendipity in a small CMS
  2. Additional anti-spam features
  3. Tags, in addition to categories
  4. Markup languages like Markdown and Textile

Plugins can be added in the backend plugin interface without the need to manually upload files.


The website contains helpful documentation that might answer your questions.

Please visit the forums for additional questions and discussions. If you are more comfortable with Github or the questions are more code related, you can also open an issue. Please keep the Code of Conduct in mind when doing so.

You can also join us in the Gitter channel to get help from other users or developers.


Serendipity is developed by an independent and open team. Current development focus in on carefully modernizing the software while staying backwards compatible. If you want to contribute changes, you can send in a pull request and we will work with you to bring the changes into the software. Do that a few times and we will offer you to join the team to get direct access to the repository.

If you want to request features, you can open a thread in the forum or open an issue on Github instead. Much of the development of Serendipity is user driven, feature requests are welcome.

Join us in the Gitter channel to discuss with other developers.

The license of this project is the BSD 3-Clause license. It's a permissive license allowing free usage of the code and derived projects, including commercial and closed source usage.