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    1 ; The aim in future here is we would be able to turn (most) of these flags on, however the typing technical
    2 ; debt is quite colossal right now.  For now we should maybe get everything working with the config here
    3 ; then look at going after partially or completely untyped defs as a phase-2.
    4 [mypy]
    5 files = selenium
    6 ; warn about per-module sections in the config file that do not match any files processed.
    7 warn_unused_configs = True
    8 ; disallows subclassing of typing.Any.
    9 disallow_subclassing_any = False
   10 ; disallow usage of generic types that do not specify explicit type parameters.
   11 disallow_any_generics = False
   12 ; disallow calling functions without type annotations from functions that have type annotations.
   13 disallow_untyped_calls = False
   14 ; disallow defining functions without type annotations or with incomplete annotations.
   15 disallow_untyped_defs = False
   16 ; disallow defining functions with incomplete type annotations.
   17 disallow_incomplete_defs = False
   18 ; type-checks the interior of functions without type annotations.
   19 check_untyped_defs = False
   20 ; reports an error whenever a function with type annotations is decorated with a decorator without annotations.
   21 disallow_untyped_decorators = False
   22 ; changes the treatment of arguments with a default value of None by not implicitly making their type `typing.Optional`.
   23 no_implicit_optional = False
   24 ; warns about casting an expression to it's inferred type.
   25 warn_redundant_casts = True
   26 ; warns about unneeded `# type: ignore` comments.
   27 warn_unused_ignores = True
   28 ; warns when returning a value with typing.Any from a function with a non typing.Any return type.
   29 warn_return_any = False
   30 ; Shows a warning when encountering any code inferred to be unreachable after performing type analysis.
   31 warn_unreachable = False
   33 [mypy-trio_websocket]
   34 ; suppress error messages about imports that cannot be resolved.
   35 ignore_missing_imports = True
   37 [mypy-_winreg]
   38 ; suppress error messages about imports that cannot be resolved.
   39 ignore_missing_imports = True