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    1 <html>
    2 <head>
    3     <title>inputs</title>
    4 </head>
    5 <body>
    6 <h1>Testing Inputs</h1>
    8 <form action="#">
    9   <input name="no_type" value="input with no type" /><br/>
   10   <br/>
   11   <input name="number_input" type="number" value="42" /><br/>
   12   <input name="range_input" type="range" value="42" /><br/>
   13   <br/>
   14   <input name="email_input" type="email" value="admin@localhost" /><br/>
   15   <input name="password_input" type="password" value="qwerty" /><br/>
   16   <input name="search_input" type="search" value="search" /><br/>
   17   <input name="tel_input" type="tel" value="911" /><br/>
   18   <input name="text_input" type="text" value="text input" /><br/>
   19   <input name="url_input" type="url" value="https://selenium.dev/" /><br/>
   20   <br/>
   21   <input name="checkbox_input" type="checkbox" value="Checkbox" checked /><br/>
   22   <input name="radio_input" type="radio" value="radio1" checked /><br/>
   23   <input name="radio_input" type="radio" value="radio2" /><br/>
   24   <br/>
   25   <input name="color_input" type="color" value="#00ffff" /><br/>
   26   <br/>
   27   <input name="date_input" type="date" value="2017-11-22" /><br/>
   28   <input name="datetime_input" type="datetime" value="2017-11-22T11:22" /><br/>
   29   <input name="datetime_local_input" type="datetime-local" value="2017-11-22T11:22" /><br/>
   30   <input name="time_input" type="time" value="11:22" /><br/>
   31   <input name="month_input" type="month" value="2017-11" /><br/>
   32   <input name="week_input" type="week" value="2017-W47" /><br/>
   33   <br/>
   34   <input name="button_input" type="button" value="button" />&nbsp;
   35   <input name="image_input" type="image" value="image" src="icon.gif" />&nbsp;
   36   <input name="reset_input" type="reset" value="reset" />&nbsp;
   37   <input name="submit_input" type="submit" value="submit" />&nbsp;
   39   <input name="hidden_input" type="hidden" value="hidden" />
   40 </form>
   41 </body>
   42 </html>