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    2   Seed7 program examples:
    3 addup.sd7    Game of adding numbers to reach a goal number
    4 bas7.sd7     Basic interpreter
    5 bifurk.sd7   Display the bifurcation diagram
    6 bigfiles.sd7 Utility to search for big files.
    7 brainf7.sd7  Brainfuck interpreter
    8 calc7.sd7    Calculator
    9 carddemo.sd7 Demonstrate the playing cards of the french deck.
   10 castle.sd7   Castle Adventure
   11 cat.sd7      Concatenate and print files
   12 cellauto.sd7 Simulate a one-dimensional cellular automaton
   13 celsius.sd7  Print a Fahrenheit-Celsius table
   14 chk_all.sd7  Runs interpreted and compiled checks.
   15 chkarr.sd7   Checks arrays and array operations
   16 chkbig.sd7   Checks bigInteger literals and operations
   17 chkbin.sd7   Checks bin32 and bin64 operations.
   18 chkbitdata.sd7 Checks functions from the bitdata.s7i library.
   19 chkbool.sd7  Checks boolean operations
   20 chkbst.sd7   Checks byte string operations
   21 chkchr.sd7   Checks character properties
   22 chkcmd.sd7   Check functions that manipulate files.
   23 chkdb.sd7    Checks the database interface.
   24 chkexc.sd7   Checks exceptions
   25 chkfil.sd7   Checks file operations
   26 chkflt.sd7   Checks float literals and operations
   27 chkhent.sd7  Checks the HTML entity handling functions
   28 chkhsh.sd7   Checks hash table operations
   29 chkidx.sd7   Checks the exception INDEX_ERROR.
   30 chkint.sd7   Checks integer literals and operations
   31 chkovf.sd7   Checks catching of integer overflows.
   32 chkprc.sd7   Checks procedures and statements
   33 chkscan.sd7  Checks the scanner functions
   34 chkset.sd7   Checks set literals and operations
   35 chkstr.sd7   Checks string literals and operations
   36 clock.sd7    Displays a digital clock
   37 clock2.sd7   Displays a digital clock with microseconds
   38 clock3.sd7   Analog Clock
   39 cmpfil.sd7   Compares two files in main memory
   40 comanche.sd7 Simple webserver for static and cgi pages.
   41 confval.sd7  Show config values of C compiler and runtime.
   42 db7.sd7      Database inspector with browser interface.
   43 diff7.sd7    Compare two files line by line.
   44 dirtst.sd7   Test reading a directory as file
   45 dirx.sd7     Make a directory listing
   46 dnafight.sd7 Bacterial dna fight programming game
   47 dragon.sd7   Draw a dragon curve
   48 echo.sd7     Write the arguments of the program
   49 eliza.sd7    The computer psychiatrist
   50 err.sd7      Test for almost all possible compile time errors
   51 fannkuch.sd7 Fannkuch-redux benchmark program
   52 fib.sd7      Compute fibonacci numbers
   53 find7.sd7    Utility to search for files and file contents.
   54 findchar.sd7 Utility to search for specific chars in files.
   55 fractree.sd7 Draw a fractal tree
   56 ftp7.sd7     FTP internet file transfer program
   57 ftpserv.sd7  FTP (file transfer protocol) server
   58 gcd.sd7      Compute the greatest common divisor
   59 gkbd.sd7     Keyboard test program for graphic keyboard
   60 gtksvtst.sd7 Gtk-server connection test program
   61 hal.sd7      HAL 9000 simulation program
   62 hamu.sd7     Game to govern the ancient kingdom of sumeria.
   63 hanoi.sd7    Solve the tower of hanoi problem
   64 hd.sd7       Write a hexdump of a given file.
   65 hello.sd7    Hello world
   66 hilbert.sd7  Display a Hilbert curve.
   67 ide7.sd7     Cgi dialog demo program.
   68 kbd.sd7      Keyboard test program
   69 klondike.sd7 Klondike solitaire game
   70 lander.sd7   Lunar lander
   71 mahjong.sd7  Mahjong solitaire game
   72 make7.sd7    Make utility to manage the compilation process
   73 mandelbr.sd7 Display the Mandelbrot set
   74 mind.sd7     Guess a four digit number game
   75 mirror.sd7   Mirror a rectangular screen area in a window.
   76 ms.sd7       Mine sweeper game
   77 nicoma.sd7   Puzzle from arithmetica of Nicomachus (A.D. 90)!
   78 pac.sd7      Pacman game
   79 pairs.sd7    Concentration game
   80 panic.sd7    Catch aliens in traps game
   81 percolation.sd7 Given a composite systems comprised of randomly
   82 planets.sd7  Display information about the planets
   83 prime.sd7    Write a list of prime numbers
   84 printpi1.sd7 PI with 1000 digits using John Machin's formula
   85 printpi2.sd7 PI with 1000 digits (Bailey/Borwein/Plouffe)
   86 printpi3.sd7 Print 1000 digits of PI with Newtons formula
   87 queen.sd7    Solve the n queen problem
   88 rand.sd7     Floating point random numbers test
   89 raytrace.sd7 Raytracing demo program.
   90 rever.sd7    Reversi game
   91 roman.sd7    Write roman numerals
   92 s7c.sd7      Seed7 compiler - Compiles Seed7 to C
   93 savehd7.sd7  Save a harddisk which has hardware errors.
   94 self.sd7     A program that writes itself (except this header)
   95 shisen.sd7   Shisen game
   96 sl.sd7       Game of Life
   97 snake.sd7    Snake eats apple game
   98 sokoban.sd7  Sokoban puzzle game
   99 spigotpi.sd7 Write digits of PI with a spigot algorithm.
  100 sql7.sd7     Sql command line tool
  101 startrek.sd7 Classical startrek game
  102 sudoku7.sd7  Sudoku program
  103 sydir7.sd7   Utility to synchronize directory trees
  104 tak.sd7      Little benchmark computing tak(18, 12, 6)
  105 tar7.sd7     Tar archiving utility
  106 tch.sd7      The hitchhikers guide ...
  107 testfont.sd7 Program to demonstrate bitmap fonts.
  108 tet.sd7      Tetris game with text output
  109 tetg.sd7     Tetris game with graphical output
  110 toutf8.sd7   Convert a file to UTF-8
  111 tst_cli.sd7  Test client to demonstrate a socket client
  112 tst_srv.sd7  Test server to demonstrate a socket server
  113 wator.sd7    Planet Wator simulation with fish and sharks
  114 which.sd7    Locate in which directory a command is found.
  115 wiz.sd7      Find treasures and fight monsters labyrinth game
  116 wordcnt.sd7  Count the words in a file
  117 wrinum.sd7   Write numbers as english text
  118 wumpus.sd7   Hunt the Wumpus game
  120   Seed7 include files:
  121 aes.s7i      AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher support.
  122 ar.s7i       Ar archive library
  123 arc4.s7i     Support for ARC4 (Alleged RC4) stream cipher.
  124 array.s7i    Support for arrays with integer index
  125 asn1.s7i     Support for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1).
  126 bigfile.s7i  bigInteger versions of seek, tell and length
  127 bigint.s7i   Unlimited precision integer support library
  128 bigrat.s7i   Big rational number support library
  129 bin32.s7i    32-bit binary value support library
  130 bin64.s7i    64-bit binary value support library
  131 bitdata.s7i  Read and write bits to and from strings
  132 bitmapfont.s7i Font implementation type for bitmap fonts
  133 bitset.s7i   Support for sets of integer numbers
  134 bitsetof.s7i Support for bitsets of a base type
  135 blowfish.s7i Blowfish cipher support.
  136 boolean.s7i  Boolean support library
  137 browser.s7i  Open web browser and provide a connection to it.
  138 bstring.s7i  Byte string support library
  139 bytedata.s7i Convert byte data to and from strings
  140 cards.s7i    Playing card pictures of a french deck
  141 category.s7i Category support library
  142 cc_conf.s7i  Configuration values for C compiler and runtime.
  143 cgi.s7i      Support for the Common Gateway Interface
  144 cgidialog.s7i Dialogs to be shown with a web browser.
  145 char.s7i     Char support library
  146 charsets.s7i Code pages for various character sets
  147 chartype.s7i Character type definitions
  148 cipher.s7i   Generic support for TLS bulk cipher algorithms.
  149 cli_cmds.s7i Emulate CLI commands from Unix and Dos.
  150 clib_file.s7i Type for FILE * files from the C runtime library
  151 color.s7i    Functions for color processing
  152 complex.s7i  Complex support library
  153 console.s7i  Text implementation type for text console/window.
  154 cpio.s7i     Cpio archive library
  155 crc32.s7i    CRC-32 cyclic redundancy check support library
  156 cronos16.s7i Cronos vector font with capHeight 16.
  157 cronos27.s7i Cronos vector font with capHeight 27.
  158 csv.s7i      Comma-separated values (CSV) support library.
  159 db_prop.s7i  Collection of database properties.
  160 deflate.s7i  Deflate compression algorithm
  161 des.s7i      DES (Data Encryption Standard) cipher support.
  162 dialog.s7i   Dialog support library
  163 dir.s7i      Implementation type to read directories as files
  164 draw.s7i     Portable graphic library
  165 duration.s7i Time and date duration support library
  166 echo.s7i     Filter file which generates an echo of the input
  167 editline.s7i Filter file for linewise editing with history
  168 elliptic.s7i Support for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC).
  169 enable_io.s7i Templates to enable file I/O for a given type
  170 encoding.s7i Encoding and decoding functions
  171 environment.s7i Support for program arguments and environment.
  172 external_file.s7i File implementation type describing OS files
  173 field.s7i    Filter file which reads the input fieldwise
  174 file.s7i     Interface type describing sequential files.
  175 filebits.s7i File mode bits used by archive file systems.
  176 filesys.s7i  Interface for file systems (os, tar, zip, ...)
  177 fileutil.s7i File utility functions.
  178 float.s7i    Floating point support library
  179 font.s7i     Defines the font interface
  180 font8x8.s7i  font with 8x8 pixel used by TI-99/4A.
  181 forloop.s7i  For-loop and templates to define for-loop
  182 ftp.s7i      Support for FTP (file transfer protocol)
  183 ftpserv.s7i  FTP (file transfer protocol) server library.
  184 getf.s7i     Read and write whole files into and from strings
  185 gethttp.s7i  Support to get data with the HTTP protocol
  186 gethttps.s7i Support to get data with the HTTPS protocol
  187 graph.s7i    Basic graphic library
  188 graph_file.s7i Implementation type to display graphic text
  189 gtkserver.s7i Gtk-server connection library
  190 gzip.s7i     Gzip compression support library
  191 hash.s7i     Hash map support library
  192 hashsetof.s7i Support for hashsets of a base type
  193 hmac.s7i     Hash-based message authentication code functions.
  194 html.s7i     Support functions for html
  195 html_ent.s7i HTML entity handling library
  196 http_response.s7i Support for HTTP responses.
  197 httpserv.s7i Support for HTTP server and HTTP requests.
  198 ico.s7i      Support for the ICO image file format.
  199 idxarray.s7i Support for arrays with non-integer index
  200 image.s7i    Defines images, which are in a window
  201 inflate.s7i  Inflate uncompression algorithm
  202 inflatefile.s7i Uncompress data from a file with Inflate
  203 inifile.s7i  Read key value pairs from an INI file
  204 integer.s7i  Integer support library
  205 iobuffer.s7i Implementation type for a buffered file.
  206 keybd.s7i    Read from keyboard without buffering and echo
  207 keydescr.s7i Descriptive text for function keys
  208 leb128.s7i   Convert integers to and from LEB128 encoding.
  209 line.s7i     Filter file which reads the input linewise
  210 listener.s7i Support for inet listener
  211 logfile.s7i  Interface type describing log files.
  212 lower.s7i    Filter file which turns characters to lower case
  213 lzma.s7i     LZMA compression support library
  214 lzw.s7i      Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression support library
  215 mahjng32.s7i Pictures of mahjong tiles in the size 32 x 24
  216 make.s7i     Make library to manage the compilation process
  217 makedata.s7i Function and data structure to read makefiles
  218 math.s7i     Mathematical functions and constants
  219 mixarith.s7i Support to mix arithmetic between numeric types.
  220 modern27.s7i Modern vector font with capHeight 27.
  221 more.s7i     Filter file which shows another file screenwise
  222 msgdigest.s7i Message digest and secure hash algorithms.
  223 multiscr.s7i Demonstration for several file filters
  224 null_file.s7i Base implementation type for all files
  225 osfiles.s7i  Functions to handle operating system files
  226 pic16.s7i    Pictures in the size 16 x 16
  227 pic32.s7i    Pictures in the size 32 x 32
  228 pic_util.s7i Picture utility functions
  229 pixmap_file.s7i Text implementation type to use a pixmap font
  230 pixmapfont.s7i Defines pixmapFontType and the font cache
  231 pkcs1.s7i    RSA public-key cryptography standard #1 support.
  232 png.s7i      Support for the PNG image file format.
  233 poll.s7i     Support for pollData and the poll function
  234 process.s7i  Support for creating processes
  235 progs.s7i    Program handling support library
  236 propertyfile.s7i Read key-value pairs from a property file
  237 rational.s7i Rational number support library
  238 ref_list.s7i Reference list support library
  239 reference.s7i Reference to object support library
  240 reverse.s7i  Filter file which writes right to left on output
  241 rpm.s7i      Rpm archive library
  242 scanfile.s7i File scanner functions
  243 scanstri.s7i String scanner functions
  244 seed7_05.s7i Standard Seed7 library
  245 set.s7i      Support for sets of a base type
  246 shell.s7i    Support for shell commands
  247 showtls.s7i  Show TLS messages. Use it to debug tls.s7i.
  248 smtp.s7i     Support for SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol)
  249 sockbase.s7i Support for socket address and primitive socket
  250 socket.s7i   File implementation type for sockets
  251 sokoban1.s7i Classic sokoban levels 1 to 90.
  252 sql_base.s7i Base SQL access library
  253 stars.s7i    List of stars with name, RA, DEC and magnitude V
  254 stdfont10.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 10.
  255 stdfont12.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 12.
  256 stdfont14.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 14.
  257 stdfont16.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 16.
  258 stdfont18.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 18.
  259 stdfont20.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 20.
  260 stdfont24.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 24.
  261 stdfont8.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 8.
  262 stdfont9.s7i Standard bitmap font with capHeight 9.
  263 stdio.s7i    Standard input and output via files
  264 strifile.s7i Implementation type for files stored in a string
  265 string.s7i   String support library
  266 stritext.s7i string text library (uses an array string)
  267 struct.s7i   Struct support library
  268 subfile.s7i  Open part of an existing file as read only file.
  269 subrange.s7i Subrange support library
  270 syntax.s7i   Syntax definition of the standard Seed7 library
  271 tar.s7i      Tar archive library
  272 tar_cmds.s7i Commands of the tar program.
  273 tdes.s7i     TDES (Triple DES) cipher support.
  274 tee.s7i      Filter file which emulates the tee functionality
  275 text.s7i     Interface type for line/column oriented files
  276 time.s7i     Time and date library
  277 tls.s7i      Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL).
  278 unicode.s7i  Functions to convert between Unicode encodings.
  279 unionfnd.s7i Implementation of disjoint sets structure which
  280 upper.s7i    Filter file which turns characters to upper case
  281 utf16.s7i    File implementation type for UTF-16 files
  282 utf8.s7i     File implementation type for UTF-8 files
  283 vecfont10.s7i Standard vector font with capHeight 10.
  284 vecfont18.s7i Standard vector font with capHeight 18.
  285 vector3d.s7i 3D vector support library
  286 vectorfont.s7i Defines the vector font type.
  287 wildcard.s7i Wild card match and find matching files.
  288 window.s7i   Filter file for text windows with random access
  289 wrinum.s7i   Functions to write numbers
  290 x509cert.s7i Support for X.509 public key certificates.
  291 xml_ent.s7i  XML entity handling library
  292 xmldom.s7i   Simple XML dom parser
  293 xz.s7i       XZ compression support library
  294 zip.s7i      Zip compression support library
  295 zstd.s7i     Zstandard compression support library
  296 dna_base.s7i Bacterial dna fight programming game interface