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    1 # This is the official list of people who can contribute
    2 # (and typically have contributed) code to the Seahub repository.
    4 # Names should be added to this file like so:
    5 # Name <email address>
    7 Алексей Сергеев <niteusmail@gmail.com>
    8 chuyskywalker <github.com@jrm.cc>
    9 Phillip Thelen <viirus@pherth.net>
   10 Robin Nehls <github@manol.is>
   11 Hector Colina <hcolina@gmail.com>
   12 Alessandro Blasi <oculus@oculus.it>
   13 Marco <marco@rottigni.net>
   14 Pierrick BRUN <pierrick.brun@gmail.com>
   15 Mate Ory <orymate@ubuntu.com>
   16 Michael Polikashev <admin@scherkhan.net>