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    1 scsiadd 1.97
    2 Copyright (C) 2000..2009 by Dirk Jagdmann <doj@cubic.org>
    3 http://llg.cubic.org/tools
    4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    5 Add and remove SCSI devices from your Linux system during runtime. No need
    6 to reboot your system, just because you have switched on an external
    7 device.
    9 Please be aware that this program makes important and non-trivial changes
   10 to the kernel runtime configuration. It is possible for the kernel to crash
   11 or corrupt data, when using this tool. If you want to be on the safe side,
   12 reboot your system if anything in you SCSI configuration changes!
   13 Be sure to read the paragraph after the syntax.
   15 If you think you found a bug, please submit a bug report to the authors.
   16 If you miss a feature, please let us know.
   17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   18 For usage look at the man page or start with "-h" switch
   19 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   20 Thanks to:
   21 Douglas N. Arnold - wrote initial man page
   22 Christian Jaeger - various improvements
   23 Paul Slootman - remarks about checking
   24 Davidlohr Vueso - bug fix
   25 Göran Weinholt - enhanced command line handling