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Scala.js Release Process

  1. Clean up bugs:
  2. Create a "Version x.y.z." commit (example) and push it to a branch on your fork.
    1. Ping people on the commit for review.
    2. Once you have LGTM, push to master (do not create a merge commit).
  3. Testing (post results as comments to commit):
  4. If all tests pass, tag the commit with the release version.
  5. Perform manual testing that needs the tagging (source maps).
  6. Publish:
  7. Once artifacts are on maven central, create a "Towards x.y.z." commit (example).
    1. Create an "FF ONLY" PR for CI and review.
    2. Once you have LGTM, push the commit (do not click the merge button)
  8. Prepare release announcement, taking the last one as model (example).
  9. When merging the release announcement PR (after proper review):