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    1 # sawdog.conf - Configfile for Serverwatchdog
    2 #
    3 # Syntax: server.domain.top [alias] (executable1[, executable2]) email@domain.top [email2@domain.top]
    4 # you can specify up to 5 executables and as many emailaddresses as you want
    5 #
    7 # notification methods (%message% holds the message, %user% the username, executed in /bin/sh)
    8 # .default for default notification, if nothing other is specified (i.e. no -> in the username)
   10 .default (echo '%message%' | /bin/mail %user% -s "sawdog message")
   11 .sms (echo -e 'From: Sawdog <sawdog@yourdomain.com>\nTo: %user%@sms.com\nSubject: Sawdog  \n\n%message%\n' | sendmail -f sawdog\@yourdomain.com %user%\@sms.com)
   12 .mail (echo -e 'From: Sawdog <sawdog@yourdomain.com>\nTo: %user%@yourdomain.com\nSubject: Sawdog: %message% \n\nMessage:\n\n%message%\n' | sendmail -f sawdog\@yourdomain.com %user%\@yourdomain.com)
   14 # internet
   15 !www.google.com                           (http)                                              mail->root
   17 # misc
   18 www.freshmeat.net freshmeat               (icmp, http)                                        mail->root
   19 123.456.789.000 linuxdb01                 (ssh, postgres, mysql, webmin)                      mail->username mail->user2name sms->555123456 
   20 localhost                       (http)                                              mail->root