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    1 S-nail is maintained and developed by Steffen Nurpmeso.
    2 This software originates in the codebase of Heirloom mailx, formerly
    3 known as nail, which itself is based upon Berkeley Mail that has
    4 a history back to 1978, and which has been written to replace Unix
    5 mail, a program that already shipped with First Edition Unix.
    7 Other people contributed by reporting problems, suggesting various
    8 improvements, whether directly or indirectly, or submitting actual
    9 code.  Here is a list of those people.  I hope the list is
   10 complete and free of errors.
   12 Afan                      snailmail at ottenheimer dot com
   13 Andreas Baumann           mail at andreasbaumann dot cc
   14 Hilko Bengen              bengen at debian dot org
   15 Joseph Bisch              joseph dot bisch at gmail dot com
   16 Gaetan Bisson             bisson at archlinux dot org
   17 Karol Błażewicz           karol dot blazewicz at gmail dot com
   18 Salvatore Bonaccorso      carnil at debian dot org
   19 Ismael Bouya              ismael at bouya dot org
   20 Martin Brandenburg        martin at martinbrandenburg dot com
   21 Peter Bray                pdb_ml at yahoo dot com dot au
   22 Cág                       ca6c at bitmessage dot ch
   23 Claudio Cappelli          claudio dot cappelli dot linux at gmail dot com
   24 David Čepelík             d at dcepelik dot cz
   25 Pietro Cerutti            gahr at gahr dot ch
   26 Jan Chaloupka             jchaloup at redhat dot com
   27 Stéphane Chazelas         stephane dot chazelas at gmail dot com
   28 Noel Chiappa              jnc at mercury dot lcs dot mit dot edu
   29 Michael Convey            smconvey at gmail dot com
   30 Ralph Corderoy            ralph at inputplus dot co dot uk
   31 Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas  jca at wxcvbn dot org
   32 Baptiste Daroussin        bapt at FreeBSD dot org
   33 Jürgen Daubert            jue at jue dot li
   34 Solar Designer            solar at openwall dot com
   35 Thomas Dickey             dickey at his dot com
   36 Matthew Dillon            dillon at backplane dot com
   37 John Dodson               johnd at physiol dot usyd dot edu dot au
   38 Riccardo Ductor           r dot ductor at gmail dot com
   39 Erich Eckner              erich dot eckner at gmx dot de
   40 Paul Eggert               eggert at cs dot ucla dot edu
   41 Justin Ellingwood         JustinEllingwood at gmail dot com
   42 Robert Elz                kre at munnari dot OZ dot AU
   43 Rich Felker               dalias at libc dot org
   44 Dr. Werner Fink           werner at suse dot de
   45 Felix Fontein             felix at fontein dot de
   46 Mike Frysinger            vapier at gentoo dot org
   47 Ezequiel Garzón           garzon dot lucero at gmail dot com
   48 Felipe Gasper             felipe at felipegasper dot com
   49 Philipp Gesang            phg+lists at phi-gamma dot net
   50 Philip Guenther           guenther at openbsd dot org
   51 Alexander Harm            contact at aharm dot de
   52 Stuart Henderson          stu at spacehopper dot org
   53 Peter Hofmann             snailusers at uninformativ dot de
   54 Frantisek Holop           minusf at obiit dot org
   55 Peter J. Holzer           hjp-luga2 at hjp dot at
   56 Ken Hornstein             kenh at pobox dot com
   57 Walter Alejandro Iglesias eloi at roquesor dot com
   58 Doug McIlroy              doug at cs dot dartmouth dot edu
   59 Stephen Isard             3s9xh9m02 at sneakemail dot com
   60 Josef Jurek               josef dot jurek at gmail dot com
   61 Ryan Kavanagh             rak at debian dot org
   62 Tarqi Kazan               tarqi at cfs dot or dot gs
   63 Matthias Kilian           kili at outback dot escape dot de
   64 Vincent Lefevre           vincent at vinc17 dot net
   65 Paride Legovini           pl at ninthfloor dot org
   66 David Levine              levinedl at acm dot org
   67 Xin LI                    delphij at FreeBSD dot org
   68 Johannes Löthberg         johannes at kyriasis dot com
   69 Daniel Lublin             daniel at lublin dot se
   70 Wiesław Magusiak          wiemag at poczta dot onet dot pl
   71 Sergey Matveev            stargrave at stargrave dot org
   72 Dominic Meskys            dominicmeskys at gmail dot com
   73 Dagobert Michelsen        dam at opencsw dot org
   74 Mantas Mikulėnas          grawity at gmail dot com
   75 Todd C. Miller            Todd dot Miller at courtesan dot com
   76 Donald Mugnai             donaldmugnai at gmail dot com
   77 Matej Mužila              mmuzila at redhat dot com
   78 Martin Neitzel            neitzel at escape dot de
   79 Lyndon Nerenberg          lyndon at orthanc dot ca
   80 Marius Nestor             www.softpedia.com
   81 Sven Neuhaus              sven-snail at sven dot de
   82 Sunil Nimmagadda          sunil at sunilnimmagadda dot com
   83 Björn Persson             bjorn at xn--rombobjrn-67a dot se
   84 Dirk-Wilhelm Peters       peters at schwertfisch dot de
   85 Predrag Punosevac         punosevac72 at gmail dot com
   86 Allan McRae               allan at archlinux dot org
   87 Antonio Radici            antonio at debian dot org
   88 rain1                     rain1 at openmailbox dot org
   89 Gianluca Ramunno          ramunno dot gianluca at gmail dot com
   90 Random832                 random832 at fastmail dot com
   91 Aharon Robbins            arnold at skeeve dot com
   92 Juan RP                   xtraeme at voidlinux dot eu
   93 Rich Salz                 rsalz at akamai dot com
   94 Jörg Schilling            Joerg dot Schilling at fokus dot fraunhofer dot de
   95 Jens Schleusener          Jens dot Schleusener at t-online dot de
   96 Georg Schlisio            g dot schlisio at dukun dot de
   97 Martin Sebor              msebor at redhat dot com
   98 Slavko                    linux at slavino dot sk
   99 Nick Stoughton            nick at usenix dot org
  100 Andy Switala              andy dot switala at gmail dot com
  101 Rudolf Sykora             rudolf dot sykora at gmail dot com
  102 Viktor Szépe              viktor at szepe dot net
  103 Bob Tennent               rdt at cs dot queensu dot ca
  104 Ivan Tham                 pickfire at riseup dot net
  105 Tim                       trondd at kagu-tsuchi dot com
  106 Gavin Troy                gavtroy at fastmail dot fm
  107 Paul Vojta                vojta at math dot berkeley dot edu
  108 wapiflapi                 wapiflapi at yahoo dot fr
  109 Simon McVittie            smcv at debian dot org
  110 Colin Watson              cjwatson at debian dot org
  111 William Yodlowsky         william at OpenBSD dot org
  112 Ypnose                    ypnx at mailoo dot org
  113 Christos Zoulas           christos at zoulas dot com
  115 # s-tm-mode