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    1 S - n a i l / S - m a i l x  N e w s
    2 ====================================
    4   mdocmx(7) anchors are denoted by a number-sign #: typing
    5   "^A ANCHOR" while reading the man(1)ual in a capable less(1)
    6   will scroll to the manual's Point-Of-Interest, and pointing
    7   a web- browser to the "#ANCHOR" of the online manual works.
    9 v14.9.10 ("(40th Mail anniversary) Blue tit"), 2018-03-25
   10 ---------------------------------------------------------
   12 On this day in 1978 Kurt Shoens placed the following comment in
   13 def.h (now it is in nail.h):
   15   /*
   16    * Mail -- a mail program
   17    *
   18    * Author: Kurt Shoens (UCB) March 25, 1978
   19    */
   21 v14.9.10 is mostly a stability and bugfix release.
   22 It has seen a full test series including Coverity.com scans.
   23 It fixes bugs i have introduced (also a double free in IMAP cache
   24 that i introduced for v14.9.* series to address Coverity CID
   25 1376978..).
   27 In the end i am saying thanks to Gunnar Ritter for the IMAP
   28 module, and absolutely especially his really neat idea of an IMAP
   29 cache including offline work queue.  (IMAP will nonetheless
   30 temporarily go in v15, but these ideas will come back thereafter.)
   31 I have gray hairs now.
   33 Credits, in order of commit appearance: William Yodlowsky,
   34 Stuart Henderson, Jörg Schilling, Viktor SZÉPE, Rich Felker,
   35 Ralph Corderoy and Philipp Gesang.
   37 A special credit to Coverity.com again.  Because:
   38     tcc is 618496 bytes, pcc is 851968+24576 bytes,
   39     but gcc is 73355264 bytes and clang is even
   40     147406848 bytes, i wonder why the latter two never
   41     said a word that would have addressed the pretty
   42     obvious CID 1387053!
   43     [Use of initialized value, the author.]
   45 We welcome Stuart Henderson and Philipp Gesang in THANKS.
   47 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
   48 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   50 - The balls are now build with umask 0022 not 0027.
   51   (William Yodlowsky, Stuart Henderson)
   53 - One actual development of this version was the addition of
   54   multiple choice VAL_ues, as documented in make.rc.
   55   For now we have VAL_IDNA (for OPT_IDNA)
   56     VAL_IDNA="idnkit idn2 idn"
   57   and VAL_RANDOM (by itself)
   58     VAL_RANDOM="arc4 ssl libgetrandom sysgetrandom urandom builtin"
   59   (Stuart Henderson)
   61   In brief:
   62     The value is interpreted as a whitespace separated list of
   63     strings, like "idn2 idn idnkit", case is ignored, order is
   64     important.
   65     The special strings "all" and "any" as well as the empty value
   66     are wildcard matches; if any entry in the list is a wildcard
   67     match, the rest of the list is ignored.
   69     The special string "error" will abort configuration once its
   70     list position is reached; this is only supported if
   71     documented, and not with an accompanying OPT_ (which then
   72     offers "require", as below).
   74   Since this VAL_RANDOM approach is so much better i have dropped
   75   OPT_SSL_RANDOM and OPT_NOEXTRANDOM that were recently
   76   introduced again.  They were c..p.
   78 - Support for idnkit 2.3 has been added.
   79   Support for idnkit 1 (especially as idnkitlite) has been fixed.
   81 - For the first time this codebase should be able to handle
   82   invalid MBOX mailboxes (produced by, e.g., dma(1)) gracefully.
   83   I hope i have found all places (sic) where code has to be fixed.
   84   E.g., "? copy * INVALID-MBOX" now works.
   85   (Smalltalk already knew objects which know what they are doing
   86   are for the better...  This is v15, then.)
   88 - P.S.: the two FreeBSD test failures are noted in INSTALL.
   90 ChangeLog
   91 ^^^^^^^^^
   93 - *asksend*#351 will now really allow recomposing.
   95 - `help'#198 now supports recursive `commandalias'#151es, and
   96   command self-recursion detection now works differently, it has
   97   been false for something like
   99       commandalias x q; commandalias q echo au
  101   since q became expanded to `quit'#233 (alias expansion equals
  102   new command word).  New behaviour: we allow equals once:
  104     commandalias q q; commandalias x q; x
  105   ->
  106     x -> q -> q -> quit
  108 - *editalong*#385 can have a value, say "set editalong=v" and it
  109   will startup $VISUAL#597 not $EDITOR#575.
  111 - Path separators are now normalized, thus all places, including
  112   MLE tab-expansion ("On terminal control and line editor"#17),
  113   can expand something like "///t*////t*".
  115 - -E#62 flag will not be obsoleted.
  116   -D#60 flag has been reintroduced (sets *disconnected*#622 right
  117   away, was not reinstantiated with the rest of the IMAP support.)
  119 git(1) shortlog (edited)
  120 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  122 Steffen Nurpmeso (71):
  123 196eb82d make-release.inc: umask 0022 for balls (William Yodlowsky, Stuart
  124         Henderson)
  125 4103ad5a THANKS: Stuart Henderson
  126 9ea3a4f1 make-config.sh: prefer libidn over libidn2 (Stuart Henderson)
  127 47c143fb FIX the FIX: fix real cause, [d2702236] did not!
  128 e759a5eb collect(): *asksend*: fix: reallow "recompose" branch..
  129 8f5af5a0 initbox(): fix: umask(0777) and exit(2) would leak a tmpfile (Jörg
  130         Schilling)
  131 21a06a2b Un-obsolete -E flag: it is used (Viktor SZÉPE)
  132 f4db93b3 n_folder_mbox_prepare_append(): FIX invalid MBOXes (broken by
  133         [90861930])..
  134 ac21a4d4 cc-test.sh: add test for [f4db93b3]; more MBOX mishandling,
  135         everwhere..
  136 8d4e22d9 quit.c:edstop(): one more place (sic) where broken MBOX not handled
  137 5b845cc2 cc-test.sh: t_behave_iconv_mbyte_base64(): do not run without iconv
  138 03572b6a a_go_cleanup(): fix compilation with HAVE_DEVEL but not HAVE_COLOUR
  139 ffc3dda8 cache_setptr(): IMAP cache double free introduced with fix for CID
  140         1376978!!
  141 cbebf2a8 Introduce multiple choice selection for options (Stuart Henderson)
  142 cb2b9fde Support multiple choice via VAL_IDNA (Stuart Henderson)
  144 057eaa62 Add OPT_UISTRINGS, by default enabled (Rich Felker)..
  145 659b205a (Nope,) Let *^ERRDOC* be EQ *^ERRNAME* unless HAVE_DOCSTRINGS (Rich
  146         Felker)
  147 c7db9ca8 collect(), `~:': un"gabby" this command escape
  148 88297a2f CHARSET_8BIT: this is UTF-8 not LATIN1 if OPT_ALWAYS_UNICODE_LOCALE
  149 c02ac55f n_idna_to_ascii(): add support for idnkit 2.3
  150 66991328 n_idna_to_ascii(): fix support for idnkit1 linked as idnkitlite!
  151 195a62b4 a_shexp__glob(): normalize path separators, learn to expand
  152         ///t*////t*
  153 6f20c631 Fix: `help': support recursive ghosts; go.c: fix self-recursion
  154         detection..
  155 6257db03 *editalong*: valued; clarify `edit'/`visual', $EDITOR/$IVUSAL (Ralph
  156         Corderoy)
  157 02ab1f05 Merge branch 'topic/test-fireworks'
  158 679d0973 If -A fails, exit if not interactive/*errexit*/*posix*
  159 55250154 *headline*: document %U (Philipp Gesang)
  160 ae3b4dfe THANKS: Philipp Gesang
  161 ab7aab0e Account for drafted 64-bit IMAP UIDs (Philipp Gesang)
  162 c5480b61 Readd support for -D (*disonnected* right away)
  164 v14.9.9 ("Marsh tit savours first spring sun, II") 2018-03-06
  165 -------------------------------------------------------------
  167 A bugfix release.
  168 I hope with this the fallout of the Christmas 2016 "address the
  169 Dr. Problem workshop" has been fully resolved and thus MIME for
  170 header address fields, even if iconv(3) is involved, been fully
  171 restored!  We have even more tests for this now.
  173 The release v14.9.8 was broken on big endian machines.
  174 I will remove the v14.9.8 balls from the server by the weekend.
  175 Sorry for the inconvenience!
  177 Credits, in order of commit appearance: Slavko, Matej Mužila,
  178 Rich Felker, Simon McVittie, Paride Legovini, Cág,
  179 Predrag Punosevac.
  181 We welcome Slavko, Matej Mužila, Rich Felker and Simon McVittie in
  182 THANKS.
  184 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
  185 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  187 - The v14.9.* series called *pipe-TYPE/SUBTYPE*#462 handlers in
  188   display or quote mode with CR (carriage-return) bytes stripped
  189   because of a missing output file comparison check, which broke
  190   binary formats etc.  (Slavko)
  192 - We now have native support for Libidn2.  (Matej Mužila)
  194 - uname(1) is now hookable by setting the shell variable uname
  195   when calling make ("uname=MY-UNAME make config" etc.).
  196   (Simon McVittie)
  198   We no longer bake the kernel version into the binary, and
  199   `version'#288 includes uname(2) output.
  200   (Simon McVittie, Paride Legovini)
  202 - We now support a fallback P(seudo)R(andomNumber)G(enerator)
  203   initialization even if getrandom(2)/getrandom(3) has been found
  204   by the configuration, just like we do for "/dev/urandom" usage.
  205   This does not affect systems with arc4random(3) or OpenSSL
  206   random usage.  (David Čepelík, Simon McVittie)
  208   A new OPT_SSL_RANDOM make.rc variable, by default initialized to
  209   the value of OPT_SSL.
  211 ChangeLog
  212 ^^^^^^^^^
  214 - `~@'#304 list-edit behaviour in -##85 batch mode was broken.
  216 - Character set names will now undergo generic normalization,
  217   including stripping of iconv(3) //SUFFIXes.
  219 git(1) shortlog (edited)
  220 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  222 Steffen Nurpmeso (33):
  223 e9fdc08a a_amv_var_check_vips(): fix comparison (Slavko)
  224 dd6e4084 THANKS: Slavko
  225 caa5de77 make-config.sh: tweak new iconv(3) replacement warning (Slavko)
  226 9e1c55f6 Fix ~@ list-edit behaviour in -# batch mode; add ~@ test
  227 69225c69 Fix: do not strip CRs when "displaying" through a *pipe-** handler
  228         (Slavko)
  229 940d84f2 Add support for Libidn2 (Matej Mužila)..
  230 38f33e37 THANKS: Matej Mužila
  231 1d67806c Our iconv wrapper was completely broken!  Now fixed (Rich Felker)..
  232 a27d23ef cc-test.sh: fix t_behave_iconv_mbyte_base64 (Rich Felker)..
  233 70a18a40 THANKS: Rich Felker
  234 a46c4a0a Do not bake kernel version into binary (Simon McVittie, Paride
  235         Legovini)..
  236 7f848761 THANKS: Simon McVittie
  237 19673cbd Make uname(1) hookable (Simon McVittie)
  238 1a488de9 Add OPT_SSL_RANDOM+, "fix" getrandom(2) (David Čepelík, Simon
  239         McVittie)..
  240 8a9237c5 Fix n_boolify() with empty argument
  241 ac67d755 FIX: again fallout of [0ede309c], not covered by [ffd29558] (Cág)..
  242 dd6adbb3 IMAP does not need ICONV if ALWAYS_UNICODE_LOCALE (Predrag Punosevac)
  243 c86a5ec6 `version': support vput and include uname(2) output (Simon McVittie)
  244 1b018a36 Add *headline-plain* to force ASCII graphics (Cág)
  245 ...
  246 565219b9 cc-test.sh: ARGH! MBOX content statistics not portable!
  247         (Gaetan Bisson)
  248 e1e62dd1 Fix n_iconv_str() [on big endian machines, the author]
  250 v14.9.7 ("Marsh tit patiently scraping bark") 2018-02-16
  251 --------------------------------------------------------
  253 A maintenance release which fixes bugs and brings in features.
  255 Credits, in order of commit appearance: Alexander Harm,
  256 Viktor SZÉPE, Paul Eggert, Joseph Bisch, Paride Legovini,
  257 and Peter J. Holzer.
  258 A special credit to the disappearing mutt(1) bug tracker.
  259 And to Gmane.org for creating gmane.mail.s-mailx.general!
  261 Thanks Paride Legovini for becoming maintainer of the Debian port.
  263 We welcome Joseph Bisch, Paride Legovini, and Peter J. Holzer in
  264 THANKS.
  266 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
  267 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  269 - The USB stick loss reported for v14.9.6 was fake news, so to
  270   say, the stick exists and therefore the old key is not
  271   compromised.
  273 - We are back at Gmane.org!
  274     news.gmane.org/gmane.mail.s-mailx.general
  276 - `history'#199 has learned to be context-sensitive a bit, and
  277   has two new subcommands, `load' and `save'.
  279     This is in parts backward incompatible because it needs a new
  280     *history-file*#407 format; however, the old format can be loaded
  281     yet compose-mode commands will not appear in compose mode no
  282     more.  Iirc you can start with an old format then `save' to
  283     the new, then replace the "d" in the first column with "c" for
  284     compose-mode commands which should appear correctly.
  286 - Obsoletion warnings for variables now happen at `set'#255
  287   time instead of when used.  Running once via -v#82 may
  288   be beneficial.
  290 - The saturation modifier of `vexpr'#289 is henceforth a prefix,
  291   the suffix version is obsolete (but still supported for a while).
  293 - A network address that contains no domain-, but only a valid local
  294   user <name> in angle brackets will be automatically expanded to
  295   a valid address when *hostname*#412 is set to a non-empty value;
  296   setting it to the empty value instructs us that the used *mta*#441
  297   (including builtin SMTP) will perform the necessary expansion.
  298   (Viktor SZÉPE)
  300   Note that *hostname*#412 as well as *smtp-hostname*#522
  301   will now undergo IDNA expansion if IDNA is supported.
  303   And *from*#401 and *sender*#499 are now verified at `set'#255
  304   time, not when used.  (Viktor SZÉPE)
  306 - The commit message in [d503bd82] is wrong, apologies to
  307   Paride Legovini.  The test(1) operator "-n" appeared in Seventh
  308   Edition UNIX, not V8 as falsely claimed.
  310 ChangeLog
  311 ^^^^^^^^^
  313 - Our `addrcodec'#131 parser chokes on lesser constructs.
  315 - Presence of command-line MTA arguments without *expandargv*#391
  316   are now a hard error.  It was my fault that this was not the
  317   default from the very start.  (Viktor SZÉPE)
  319 - Seen on the mutt bug tracker, we also still have had problems
  320   with time settings that cross 32-bit boundaries.  As that is
  321   in parts induced by the C standard, now implement those parts on
  322   our own, and be super careful in general.  (Joseph Bisch)
  324 - The `~@'#304 command escape did not shell-unquote the user input
  325   again and was thus a bit broken; message attachments also work
  326   again.
  328 - Support custom headers from the command line via -C#58.
  329   And *customhdr*#378 is verified upon `set'#255 time.
  331 - The simple builtin HTML viewer now supports <blockquote>
  332   elements, which many web mailers, most notably gmail, use for
  333   citation.  (Peter J. Holzer)
  335 git(1) shortlog (edited)
  336 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  338 Paride Legovini (1):
  339 d503bd82 Patch configure script to not override build variables..
  341 Steffen Nurpmeso (66):
  342 437a103d mail1(): tweak "failed encoding" error message (Alexander Harm)
  343 5f951f7b n_utf8_to_utf32(): FIX: implement compliant to Unicode 9.0, 3.9,
  344         UTF-8
  345 6ac954a4 mime_fromhdr(): normalize \0 and \n in encoded-words (mailspoof)
  346 c59a20ff myaddrs(): Fix: do not return invalid *from* (Viktor SZÉPE)..
  347 efc59473 *expandargv*: hard error if unset (Viktor SZÉPE)..
  348 ef94b2d6 README: we are back at Gmane.org!
  349 a832ef40 Yay!  We have submissions:// at port 465 (too)! (RFC 8314)
  350 cac4decc config.h: resort; fallback for S_ISDIR() (Paul Eggert)
  351 1e43647b unixtime(): check mktime(3)+localtime(3) returns (Joseph Bisch)..
  352 068fe5d3 fakedate(): implement ourselfs (Joseph Bisch)..
  353 f430e3cc THANKS: Joseph Bisch
  354 94ec5975 nail.1: fix spelling errors (Paride Legovini)
  355 3311b6b9 THANKS: Paride Legovini
  356 74d64ec7 cmd-headers.c,cmd-tab.h: fix spelling errors (Paride Legovini)
  357 8477ea6f nail.1: yet another fix (Paride Legovini)
  358 efe354ea More ISO C time and date checks etc. (Joseph Bisch)
  359 f5409738 a_attachment_is_msg(): fix #NO message attachments (since
  360         2017-01-22)!
  361 65ff0741 a_amv_var_check_num(): fix: variables need 32-bit not 64-bit limit!
  362 fd2daba5 n_attachment_list_edit(): FIX: unquote user input again (!!!)
  363 75917c30 ([BWDIC]) `history': support context-sensitive history (a bit)..
  364 ff8b2ba1 Add -C (create custom header), change *customhdr*
  365 2e67ac32 `vexpr': obsolete @ as suffix, it must henceforth be prefix..
  366 b882c9b9 `vexpr': numeric ops: support [UuSs] number prefixes
  367 2f356cd2 `vexpr': add `pbase' subcommand
  368 9e652437 HTML filter: support <blockquote> quotes (Peter J. Holzer)
  369 90e708e7 THANKS: Peter J. Holzer
  370 9c7ea9cb Try to avoid tracing and attaching to privsep program
  371 a4e21888 -S: as if within $'' if *v15-compat* (Alexander Harm)
  372 333ecee1 *from*, *sender*: verify upon `set' time (Viktor SZÉPE)
  373 ccaa7401 Optionally append *hostname* in "valid <user>" address (Viktor SZÉPE)
  375 v14.9.6 ("Marsh tit abiding a snow storm"), 2017-12-05
  376 ------------------------------------------------------
  378 A bugfix release which fixes four serious and three other bugs.
  379 A few new features came in, too.
  381 Many thanks go to Ralph Corderoy who reported an issue that was
  382 caused by a terrible, terrible word reversal that i managed to
  383 produce in December 2016, and which caused the v14.9.x series to
  384 not MIME encode (non-address) content of address header fields!
  386 Credits, in order of commit appearance: Thomas Dickey,
  387 Andreas Baumann, Erich Eckner, Gaetan Bisson, Solar Designer, Cág,
  388 Ivan Tham, Ralph Corderoy and Doug McIlroy.
  390 We welcome Andreas Baumann, Erich Eckner, Solar Designer and Cág
  391 in THANKS.
  393 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
  394 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  396 - After USB stick loss the authors OpenPGP key has been switched to
  398     pub   4096R/1883A0DD 2017-11-30 [expires: 2027-11-28]
  399           Key fingerprint =
  400             EE19 E1C1 F2F7 054F 8D39  54D8 3089 64B5 1883 A0DD
  401     uid                  Steffen Nurpmeso <steffen@sdaoden.eu>
  403 - $TMPDIR#595 no longer honoured for root runs.  (Solar Designer)
  405 - *mime-encoding*#439 defaults to quoted-printable again.  (Cág)
  407 - We _can_ MIME encode even header fields which contain addresses.
  408   Thanks to Ralph Corderoy we now also _do_ so again!
  410 ChangeLog
  411 ^^^^^^^^^
  413 - ***#336 now uses *ifs*#414 when splitting.
  415 - Freezing *ttycharset*#561 via -S#77 also survives using or
  416   setting any of $LC_ALL#577, $LC_CTYPE#578 and $LANG#579 during
  417   program startup.
  419 - New `local'#115 command modifier to localize changes.
  420   Yet supported only for `set'#255, i.e., we have gained
  421   macro-local variables.
  423 - `vexpr'#289 now supports a BASE#number notation for integers,
  424   like 16#AFFE as an alternative to 0xAFFE.
  426   Hint: variable settings can most often use several bases, too,
  427   e.g., i have "set mime-counter-evidence=0b1111".
  429 - Very simple form of *quote-chars*#482 to adjust our knowledge of
  430   what actually is to be treated as a quote character.
  432 - *mime-counter-evidence*#438 deep inspection (bit four) has
  433   been improved for the sole cases of quoting or displaying
  434   a message.  So messages with less than 25% of control characters
  435   and such will now be displayed (made printable).  This is yet
  436   not configurable nor do we have a way to easily access a message
  437   with more than that.  (Doug McIlroy)
  439 git(1) shortlog (edited)
  440 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  442 Steffen Nurpmeso (44):
  443 9bdfeba2 Introduce *mta-no-receiver-arguments* to bypass OpenSMTPD behaviour..
  444 4ce4f80d mail1(): fix: unroll compose-mode `localopts' even on compose
  445         failure!
  446 3dc1d4ee FIX debug assertion (Thomas Dickey)..
  447 b039b309 a_main_startup(): isatty() yay fdopen(,"w") nay (A. B., E. E., G.
  448         B.)..
  449 e6ec2b06 THANKS: Andreas Baumann
  450 5e808dc1 THANKS: Erich Eckner
  451 7cc7fd0a Invent n_O_NOXY_BITS for more O_NO* etc. (Solar Designer)
  452 409c5df7 THANKS: Solar Designer
  453 62d5947a config.h: no, change [f64eb665], use MIMEE_QP again (Cág)
  454 43449982 THANKS: Cág
  455 cd212599 Do not honour $TMPDIR if run by root (Solar Designer)
  456 3e283d18 Fix semantics of $* to go for *ifs*
  457 6d437ab6 FIX i_strdup(), broken since [354fc47e] as of 2017-07-16..
  458 c20b6b7c nail.1: WHEN is a mlist a regex (Ivan Tham)
  459 bd72268c nail.1: FAQ: Can S-nail git-send-email? (Cág)
  460 ffd29558 FIX [0ede309c] as of 2016-12-26! (Ralph Corderoy)..
  461 fce7d5ca FIX: LC_ALL/LC_CTYPE/LANG: do not _force_ overwrite of *ttycharset*..
  462 16fb7bf7 `environ' unset: report errors (remove respective TODO)..
  463 8eb67f95 Add `local' command modifier: alter command to work on block-scope
  464 23327af7 n_idec*(), `vexpr': support BASE#number (2 <= x <= 36) notation
  465 78727768 "[@fields]@" spec.: support regex in fields, empty body: header
  466         exists
  467 ca35643c Add *quote-chars* (simple)
  468 429a294d Improve *mime-counter-evidence* deep inspection (Doug McIlroy)..
  469 c0fcb67c Introduce *version-hexnum*
  470 090819a2 Fix [ab0cd3b8]..
  471 8c72989b cc-test.sh: fix test of [ffd29558]..
  473 v14.9.5 ("Marsh tit engaged with a peanut"), 2017-10-21
  474 -------------------------------------------------------
  476 A bugfix release which fixes two bugs which were cast in stone.
  477 A few compatibility improvements (AlpineLinux, Solaris).
  478 And minor features.
  480 Apologies to Jörg Schilling, a git bug i think it was who caused
  481 joining of changesets, loosing a credit, and it had been pushed to
  482 [master] before the problem was realized.
  484 Credits, in order of commit appearance: Jörg Schilling,
  485 Doug McIlroy, Random832, Nick Stoughton and Ivan Tham.
  487 We welcome Nick Stoughton and Ivan Tham in THANKS.
  489 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
  490 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  492 - New OPT_USE_PKGSYS option can be disabled to not automatically
  493   pick known package system paths (pkg(7), OpenCSW, schily).
  494   (Jörg Schilling)
  496 ChangeLog
  497 ^^^^^^^^^
  499 - The software indeed _never_ dealt with iconv(3) output character
  500   set errors (as opposed to invalid input character set byte
  501   sequences etc.) for the main message body!
  502   And I have missed that when i tweaked our iconv layer a bit!
  504 - Fixed a race condition with sigsuspend(2) that i could only see
  505   on OpenBSD.  config.h offers n_SIGSUSPEND_NOT_WAITPID, by the
  506   way, which saves some systemcalls and did not run races, but
  507   noone adjusts this file.
  509 - Message list specifications gained two new colon modifiers, one
  510   can now "search :Ll" to find "Mailing lists"#10.
  511   The *headline*#404 format %T now also uses L and l rather than
  512   S and L accordingly.
  514   New `addrcodec'#131 subcommand `skinlist' acts like `skin'
  515   but stores in *!*#333 *^ERR*#335-EXIST if the address is
  516   one of the known "Mailing lists"#10.
  518 - `echo'#168 family now supports `vput'#118 and *!*#333 error
  519   storage, offering some kind of printf(1) experience, almost.
  521 git(1) shortlog (edited)
  522 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  524 Steffen Nurpmeso (35):
  525 d76fd200 Fully support putenv(3) fallback (Jörg Schilling)
  526 ab0cd3b8 FIX iconv for main body part (since EVER!) (Doug McIlroy,
  527         Random832)..
  528 8d472b37 FIX sigsuspend(2) race condition (since EVER! Only seen on OpenBSD)..
  529 ca045d7d Add is_mlist_mp() and :Ll colon modifiers, and use "Ll" for
  530         *headline*'s %T
  531 88a69abf Set termsize after SIGCONT; n_signal(): use sigfillset (Nick
  532         Stoughton)..
  533 f169483d THANKS: Nick Stoughton
  534 2f1e46ee `echo' family: support `vput' and *!* error storage
  535 22ac50c7 make.rc, make-config.sh: add OPT_USE_PKGSYS (Jörg Schilling)
  536 09a8b2ef Even less shell globbing (Ivan Tham)
  537 b35ccc6d THANKS: Ivan Tham
  538 820d02b4 obs-imap.c: drop dopr(), pr(1) often not available
  539 2a05fcd9 main.c, make-config.sh: preparate for tcgetwinsize(3)
  540 9feaf8ae `addrcodec': add skinlist subcommand, skin+check whether mlist
  542 v14.9.4 ("(5th anniversary) Marsh tit"), 2017-09-18
  543 ---------------------------------------------------
  545 This is an update feature release but which also ships a furious
  546 number of bug fixes, about six of which were pretty serious.  It
  547 also applies overall trimming, and improves configuration time
  548 compatibility on macOS.
  550 Thanks to Alexander Harm there is now a macOS Homebrew package.
  552 Credits, in order of commit appearance: Paul Vojta, Daniel Lublin,
  553 Alexander Harm, Norman Ramsey, Viktor Szépe, Rich Salz,
  554 David Čepelík, Ralph Corderoy, Stéphane Chazelas, Aharon Robbins,
  555 Ken Hornstein.
  557 We welcome Daniel Lublin, Alexander Harm, David Čepelík and
  558 Stéphane Chazelas in THANKS.
  560 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
  561 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  563 - Out-of-tree builds have become possible via the new
  564   make-emerge.sh script:
  566   $ cd /tmp && mkdir build && cd build &&
  567     ~/src/nail.git/make-emerge.sh &&
  568     make tangerine DESTDIR=.ddir
  570   We now have a `citron' make target which is like `tangerine' but
  571   does not run the tests.
  573 - Configuration with OPT_AUTOCC honours $CC=cc. (Norman Ramsey)
  575 - SSL/TLS configuration has been revamped (again) in order to
  576   support new possibilities of OpenSSL (and LibreSSL) without
  577   ending up and introducing more and more variables.
  579   Instead we now have *ssl-config-pairs*#543, a comma-separated
  580   list of all options.  With e.g. OpenSSL 1.1.xx this will be
  581   directly passed through to SSL_CONF_cmd(), so there _anything_
  582   can be passed, otherwise we use a builtin parser to map.
  583   The new *ssl-features*#547 states what is supported.  E.g.:
  585     if [ "$ssl-features" =% +ctx-set-maxmin-proto ]
  586       wysh set ssl-config-pairs='\
  587           CipherList=TLSv1.2:!aNULL:!eNULL:@STRENGTH,\
  588           Curves=P-521:P-384:P-256,\
  589           MinProtocol=TLSv1.1'
  590     else
  591       wysh set ssl-config-pairs='\
  592           CipherList=TLSv1.2:!aNULL:!eNULL:@STRENGTH,\
  593           Curves=P-521:P-384:P-256,\
  594           Protocol=-ALL\,+TLSv1.1 \, +TLSv1.2'
  595     endif
  597   OpenSSL v1.1.xx also introduces an interesting and neat idea to
  598   centralize SSL/TLS configuration of (all) programs in a single
  599   file.  This can be driven via *ssl-config-file*#541 and the new
  600   *ssl-config-module*#542 variables, several entries per program
  601   are allowed, see *ssl-config-module*#542 for an example.
  603   New manual section "Encrypted network communication"#13.
  605 - Variables set or unset via -S#77 are now frozen until program
  606   startup is complete.
  608 ChangeLog
  609 ^^^^^^^^^
  611 - Historical behaviour of *askcc*#349 / *askbcc*#350 has been
  612   reintroduced.  (Norman Ramsey)
  614   A new *asksend*#351 variable will show a final header summary
  615   and allows reentering compose mode.  Set by default.
  617   POSIX mirrors *ask* onto *asksub*#353, so dropped" the former.
  619 - `~^'#306 no longer normalizes header names to titlecase.
  621 - We no longer generate charset=binary MIME parameters.
  622   This was introduced on 2013-01-02 and was i think owed to
  623   file(1)s -i output as i failed to find any other reference.
  624   (Normal Ramsey)
  626 - *mime-alternative-favour-rich*#437 now also works for handlers
  627   installed via *pipe-TYPE/SUBTYPE*#462. (Viktor Szépe)
  629 - v14.9.* series did not generate In-Reply-To: headers!
  631 - `alias'#132 now supports high-bit bytes and semicolon.
  632   Expect that at some later time the input must be valid according
  633   to the locale, though. (Norman Ramsey)
  635 - Combinations of *record*#486 could crash because of an
  636   unterminated variable function argument list. (Norman Ramsey)
  638 - New command `readall'#235 loads an entire file into a variable.
  640   *signature*#506 has been obsoleted.
  642 - `vexpr'#289 now supports negative arguments for the substring
  643   subcommand and adds trim, trim-front and trim-end subcommands.
  645 - `!'#122 can be used in send mode.
  647 - `~A'#307, `~a'#308, `~I'#317 and `~i'#318 will henceforth expand
  648   \t and \n only if *posix*#475 is set.
  649   Please use `set'#255 instead (with `wysh'#119, until v15).
  651 - New "The mime.types files"#35 type marker: @q ("quiet").
  653 git(1) shortlog (edited)
  654 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  656 Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso (90):
  657 9becdd01 Fix [32e5c7c2] (MLE: KHT: auto-append / for directories at once..)
  658 cc54681e $PAGER: always set (non-existent) $LESS=RXi (Paul Vojta)..
  659 49124f13 nail.1: use `~.' in "On sending mail.." (Daniel Lublin)
  660 7cd29917 THANKS: Daniel Lublin
  661 62f5957f nail.h: unconditionally include inttypes.h (Alexander Harm)..
  662 c121f519 THANKS: Alexander Harm
  663 f0aeef8d Adjust OpenCSW & pkgsrc paths, drop CONFIG=MEDIUM (Alexander Harm)..
  664 19fdc151 INSTALL: tweak INCS and LIBS (Alexander Harm)
  665 24199743 make-config.sh: integrate DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in LD_.. (Alexander Harm)
  666 64026f7b make-config.in: also needs .PHONY for MacOS (Alexander Harm)
  667 52ddd687 make-config.sh: OPT_{NOMEMDBG,ASAN_*}: reduce cc_maxopt=1 (Alexander
  668         Harm)..
  669 f3087a5c Fix **-honour* <-> *recipients-in-cc* for original To: ones
  670 2205dc27 Fix: ask for `write' targets of message/rfc822 attachments (again)
  671 5cd0f50d Restore historical behaviour of *askb?cc* (Norman Ramsey)
  672 80038311 Fix: do not generate charset=binary parameter (Norman Ramsey)..
  673 05427cea send.c:sendpart(): extend *mime-alternative-favour-rich* support
  674         (SZÉPE Viktor)..
  675 226c1f26 FIX In-Reply-To: generation, broken since [c13e1205], 2017-06-04!
  676 135cbebe makefile: add missing reverse solidus (Norman Ramsey)
  677 8a4237d2 `alias': support high-bit bytes and semicolon (Norman Ramsey)
  678 22c48009 a_nag_group_lookup(): FIX used case-i?sensitive hash function!
  679 1bc65e1b a_amv_var_lookup(): error log on empty environment variable (Norman
  680         Ramsey)
  681 179b39f3 sendout.c:mightrecord(): FIX: terminate starg list! (Norman Ramsey)
  682 c2635714 Add `readall' command
  683 999a9dbf `vexpr': substring: support negative offset / length
  684 58474b55 `vexpr': add trim, trim-front and trim-end subcommands
  685 7ab345ae Allow `!' in send mode?!
  686 08305026 Obsolete *signature* (quite some better and more generic ways now!)
  687 cd03ec01 Glue ~A,~a,~I,~i \t and \n expansion to *posix*; while here: resort
  688 c5a223d8 Introduce @q MIME type marker
  689 93a4e38a Rework (usage of) *SSL random handling (Rich Salz)..
  690 f2cc9b83 Work around possible Linux getrandom() bugs (David Čepelík)
  691 35879445 THANKS: David Čepelík
  692 dddff6ef Extend the meanings of *fullnames*..
  693 884983a3 Diversify n_PSO_STARTED_ states, gain more cmds via -X
  694 ba103b71 Reserve command modifier prefixes "local" and "u"
  695 4ff9c046 {make-{config,emerge},cc-test}.sh: no command -v (Norman, Ralph,
  696         Stéphane)..
  697 2a2895f1 THANKS: Stéphane Chazelas
  698 24615d82 make-config.sh: accept CC=cc (Norman Ramsey)
  699 d6f18b52 Add more support surrounding OpenSSL config stuff++..
  700 94bafbc6 Temporarily freeze variables set via -S..
  701 bb0d0bf2 Port to SunOS 5.9 (Aharon Robbins)
  702 788faabe Support *pipe-message/external-body* access-type=url handlers (Ken
  703         Hornstein)
  704 02407c15 FIX maildir "yet-exists" hashmap!..
  706 v14.9.3 ("Crested tit nibbling sunflower seeds"), 2017-08-03
  707 ------------------------------------------------------------
  709 This is a bugfix release but which ships some improvements, too.
  710 It silently replaces both of v14.9.1 v14.9.2 from earlier this
  711 week, which were broken or not entirely fixed.
  713 Credits, in order of commit appearance: Felix Fontein, Paul Vojta,
  714 Ralph Corderoy, Christos Zoulas, Gavin Troy, Gaetan Bisson.
  715 Thanks, Coverity.com.
  717 We welcome Christos Zoulas in THANKS.
  719 Apologies to Viktor Szépe for the false spelling of his name in
  720 the v14.9.0 announcement.
  721 And to Gaetan Bisson for not giving credit for [14fbce97]!
  723 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
  724 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  726 - fakeroot support was blindly taken from Debian and broken.
  727   (Gavin Troy, Gaetan Bisson)
  729 - Base64 output was broken for cases which involved iconv(3).
  730   The data is not lost, you can read it with S-nail v14.9.0 and
  731   above, and save it somewhere.  I know of no other base64 decoder
  732   which reads those things correctly, though.  We now have tests.
  733   Along this i fixed an iconv(3) error which likely caused
  734   stateful decoding (like, e.g., for ISO-2022-JP) to fail because
  735   of an unnecessary reset of the iconv(3) state machine.
  736   Thanks to Gaetan Bisson for mentioning this issue!
  738 ChangeLog
  739 ^^^^^^^^^
  741 - In compose mode the MLE allows empty lines again.
  743 - We no longer require a writable $HOME#576.  Due to false code
  744   flow (but but but: with correct comment) a non-writable $HOME
  745   entry in /etc/password (i.e., from getpwuid(3)) would lead to
  746   a crash.  (Felix Fontain; Ralph Corderoy)
  748 - Two faulty string operations slipped into the IMAP code,
  749   resulting in a crash and a "is-same-host" test that would fail
  750   for IMAPS connections like `save'#252 or `copy'#154 because of an
  751   implicit IMAP protocol for the target of those operations (thus
  752   IMAP != IMAPS).  (Paul Vojta)
  754 - The MLE tab-expansion will now automatically append a "/" if
  755   there is only one possible expansion and that is a directory,
  756   saving the user one <TAB>.  (Christos Zoulas)
  758   The shell expression parser had a bug regarding understood
  759   metacharacters (;|&), which in turn could cause an infinite loop
  760   in the MLE tab-expansion for, e.g., "move &9 +<TAB>", because
  761   the "&" would never have been stepped over.
  763 - New `~I'#317 command escape is like `~i'#318 but does not append
  764   a newline.
  766 - `localopts'#204 gained an optional second argument.
  767   It is now possible to specify that any macro `call'#140ed
  768   will have localopts enabled, and it is possible to fixate the
  769   setting so that it cannot be reverted.
  771 - *@*#339 should now act completely compatible to the sh(1)ell,
  772   thus obsoleting my hysteric warnings in the v14.9.0 announcement.
  774 - The `Lreply'#205, `reply'#240, `Reply'#239 series as well as
  775   `mail'#207 now manage the error status *!*#333.
  776   I.e., there are now errors like *^ERR*#335-DESTADDRREQ,
  777   ^ERR-NODATA, ^ERR-PERM and similar.  It is not perfect yet,
  778   because $DEAD#574 may have been written (with *save*#494) or not,
  779   for example.
  781   `Lreply' and `reply' have been rewritten rather completely
  782   indeed.  They join Reply-To: and Mail-Followup-To: dependent on
  783   the context (i.e., *reply-to-honour*#492, *followup-to-honour*#398,
  784   see "Mailing lists"#10 for the picture), and if they did, use
  785   this list as the receivers exclusively.  It now honours
  786   *recipients-in-cc*#485 even for such addressees.  (And now i wonder
  787   whether i should have credited Paul Vojta for that.)
  789   Also `Lreply' would have crashed for mails with Reply-To: but
  790   without *reply-to-honour*#492 set.  We now have a test.
  792   Note *replyto* is obsoleted in favour of *reply-to*#491.
  794 git(1) shortlog (edited)
  795 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  797 670aabb6 a_amv_var_check_vips(): FIX code to match comment (Felix Fontein)..
  798 3dcdaa83 THANKS: Felix Fontein
  799 3745e002 FIX [81d7f4d8] (IMAP: try (hard) to reinstantiate..) (Paul Vojta)
  800 33b2834f FIX [81d7f4d8] (IMAP: try (hard) to reinstantiate..) (Paul Vojta)..
  801 1cc0d3de Allow non-writable $HOME (Felix Fontain, Ralph Corderoy)
  802 32e5c7c2 MLE: KHT: auto-append / for directories at once (Christos Zoulas)
  803 e2bb54b7 THANKS: Christos Zoulas
  804 f593fc18 make-config.sh: do NOT skip fakeroot paths
  805         (Gavin Troy, Gaetan Bisson)
  806 4fe971ea FIX [4047a432] possible bound excess in memset()!
  807 84efbcab FIX shexp parser regarding metachars (and poss. endless <TAB> loop)
  808 14fbce97 FIX: OH!  The codebase NEVER supported *mime-encoding*=base64!
  810 v14.9.0 ("Long-tailed tit"), 2017-07-16
  811 ---------------------------------------
  813 This is a major feature release which took about ~22 months (24
  814 less two) of development to complete, and which imposed massive
  815 changes under the hood, but also quite a lot of user visible
  816 changes, including some **backward incompatibilities**.
  817 As usual, "s-nail -d" will show obsoletion warnings.
  819 We gain noticeable improvements regarding scriptability and its
  820 reliability, but also for interactive use cases, especially
  821 notable to users is our completely new M(ailx)L(ine)E(ditor) that
  822 supports rather real tabulator expansion and program-mode-context-
  823 sensitive key bindings.
  825 We now support macros with arguments, which can be `shift'ed,
  826 a `return' status can be used, and a `vexpr' multiplexer offers
  827 some arithmetic and string operations.  `commandalias'es are
  828 recursive, further command modifier prefixes, like `ignerr', give
  829 a hand that we otherwise could not offer.  In compose-mode the new
  830 `~^' command escape allows some message and attachment access, and
  831 can be used, e.g., to implement things like custom headers, and
  832 has been especially designed for scripted access via the new
  833 *on-compose-splice* and *on-compose-splice-shell* hooks.
  835 S-nail will move (more or less) backward-incompatibly to sh(1)ell
  836 compatible argument quoting (documented in "COMMANDS"), and an
  837 increasing number of commands do support this already: new ones
  838 exclusively, some old ones have either been switched (like
  839 `localopts'), others -- noticeably `set' -- can be switched to the
  840 new syntax with a `wysh' command modifier prefix.  E.g.:
  842   ? define __xv {
  843     # Be careful to choose sh(1)ell-style on _entire_ line!
  844      localopts yes; wysh set verbose; ignerr eval "${@}"; return $?
  845     }
  846   ? commandalias call echo boo-boo
  847   ? commandalias xv call __xv
  848   ? xv list
  849   ? commandalias xv '\'call __xv
  850   ? xv list
  852 Calling the latter `xv' for `list' will give more detailed command
  853 information, including which kind of argument is used.
  855 I have not managed to implement the three features i have started
  856 this development cycle for, these are thus subject to further
  857 development, just like wysh for message-list argument commands to
  858 support, e.g., negation, wysh for `if' and consorts, the --
  859 terminator to finally overcome the ridiculous requirement to quote
  860 entire shell commands filenames for commands like `pipe.
  861 And and and.
  863 Credits, in order of commit appearance: Antonio Radici,
  864 Aharon Robbins, Mike Frysinger, Predrag Punosevac, Michael Convey,
  865 Hariskar, Rudolf Sykora, Martin Neitzel, Gavin Troy,
  866 Salvatore Bonaccorso, Todd C. Miller, Sergey Matveev, Robert Elz,
  867 Mantas Mikulėnas, Respiranto, Jens Schleusener, Walter Alejandro
  868 Iglesias, Ralph Corderoy, David Levine, Lyndon Nerenberg,
  869 Thomas Dickey, Afan, Justin Ellingwood, Ingo Schwarze,
  870 Viktor Szépe, Gaetan Bisson, Juan RP, William Yodlowsky,
  871 Hilko Bengen, Matthew Dillon, Colin Watson, Donald Mugnai,
  872 Stephen Isard, Jürgen Daubert, Sven Neuhaus, trondd, Ismael Bouya,
  873 Felipe Gasper, Paul Eggert, Dr. Werner Fink, Ken Hornstein,
  874 Noel Chiappa, Random832, Doug McIlroy, Baptiste Daroussin,
  875 Riccardo Ductor, Pietro Cerutti, Jörg Schilling, rain1, Xin LI.
  877 We welcome Antonio Radici, Mike Frysinger, Predrag Punosevac,
  878 Michael Convey, Rudolf Sykora, Todd C. Miller, Robert Elz,
  879 Jens Schleusener, Walter Alejandro Iglesias, Thomas Dickey, Afan,
  880 Justin Ellingwood, Viktor Szépe, Juan RP, Matthew Dillon,
  881 Colin Watson, Donald Mugnai, Sven Neuhaus, Ismael Bouya,
  882 Felipe Gasper, Paul Eggert, Dr. Werner Fink, Ken Hornstein,
  883 Noel Chiappa, Random832, Doug McIlroy, Baptiste Daroussin,
  884 Riccardo Ductor, Pietro Cerutti, Jörg Schilling, rain1, and
  885 Xin LI in THANKS.
  887 Apologies: Sergey Matveev.
  888 Members of the Roff community which await progress.
  890 NOTES, ChangeLog (packager-affine)
  891 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  893 * This release brings some backward incompatibilities, outlined
  894   in the following.  Most users will not be affected, and we have
  895   added a lot of compatibility cruft, but that will vanish in v15.
  896   "$ s-nail -v"!
  898 * The configuration and build system has changed.
  899   Packagers have received updated package files.
  901   o Anything which was WANT_xy before is now OPT_xy, and
  902     compiled-in paths and values, like PREFIX or PAGER, have
  903     gained a VAL_ prefix (thus VAL_PREFIX and VAL_PAGER).
  905     This is _not_ true for non-persistent or environmental values,
  906     e.g., DESTDIR, CC, etc., and also not for the overwritable
  907     program variables during configuration, e.g., $awk.
  910     MAILSPOOL -> VAL_MAIL.
  911     And NAIL -> VAL_MAILX, though this is still a lie.
  913   o The make system now needs config..build..install or
  914     all..install or tangerine (config..build..test..install).
  915     Some constants which some experts may want to fine-tune have
  916     been moved to config.h.  Usual adjustments+doc via make.rc.
  918   o The `build' phase can be parallelized by setting the $MAKEJOBS
  919     environment variable, e.g., "make MAKEJOBS=-j4 build".
  920     Note this variable is not tracked in the configuration.
  921     (Gaetan Bisson)
  923   o Unless DESTDIR is set an uninstallation script will be
  924     installed along with the rest (see INSTALL file for more).
  926   o Set the new OPT_CROSS_BUILD to avoid feature runtime tests,
  927     only compile- and link-availability will be tested.  (Juan RP)
  929   o VERBOSE is implemented straight, but must be given at
  930     configuration time in order to become honoured.
  931     (William Yodlowsky)
  935   o The LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc. building processes will skip any path
  936     which contains the string "fakeroot".  (Hilko Bengen)
  938   o We honour a set $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH#593 environment variable to
  939     an extend that allows reproducible tests, which is why the
  940     repository gained a [test-out] branch with some expected plain
  941     text outputs.  (reproducible-builds.org; Colin Watson)
  943     The new *log-prefix*#425 variable aids in improving the
  944     reproducibility of error messages.
  946   o These are upward compatible changes.
  948 * "make OPENSSL_API_COMPAT=0x10100000 all" should work.
  950 * Internal and environment variables are now explicitly _defined_
  951   and _tracked_ after variable handling has been rewritten
  952   completely.  Notes:
  954   o This means that, e.g., "$ password=NOT_SECRET s-nail" will
  955     **NOT** work no more, since *password*#460 is an internal
  956     variable!
  958   o But if you do, e.g., "? set TMPDIR=~/tmp", then this will
  959     also be reflected in the program environment (it is an
  960     environment variable) and thus affect child processes.
  962   o Therefore we no longer have `setenv' and `unsetenv'.
  964   o To integrate any other environment variable transparently
  965     into our variable management, the new command `environ'#176
  966     needs to be used, e.g., "? environ set NEWVAR=value" or
  967     "? environ link EXISTINGVAR".
  969 - -H#66 and -L#69 have been decoupled:
  970    it used to be -e#63 -L#69 instead!
  972 - *NAIL_{HEAD,TAIL}* have been obsoleted in favour of
  973   *message-inject-head*#433 and *message-inject-tail*#434.
  975   *NAIL_HIST{FILE,SIZE}* have been obsoleted in favour of
  976   *history-file*#407 and *history-size*#410.
  978   *NAIL_EXTRA_RC* has been obsoleted in favour of
  979   *mailx-extra-rc*#428.
  981   *batch-exit-on-error* has been obsoleted by *errexit*#388, which
  982   works just like the POSIX sh(1)ell "set -e" construct; the
  983   `ignerr'#114 command modifier (`-' for command escapes in compose
  984   mode, and see below) can be used to ignore command errors even
  985   then.  (This will remain even if we at some later time will
  986   support at least some of the sh(1) constructs which "swallow"
  987   failures with set -e.)
  989   *bsdannounce* is obsolete, the feature is integrated in
  990   *header*#403 as this is much more useful.  (This is however also
  991   dependent upon the also new but well-known $POSIXLY_CORRECT#591
  992   <> *posix*#475, but that is just how it is; these affect more
  993   behaviour, and increasing.)
  995 - Colour support has been changed backward in- and upward (from
  996   user interface side) compatibly, see the manual section
  997   "Coloured display"#18.
  999   + New commands: `colour'#149 and `uncolour'#150.
 1000     You can define context-sensitive, terminal-capability-
 1001     sensitive settings, e.g.:
 1003       if terminal && [ "$features" =% +colour ]
 1004         colour iso  view-header ft=bold,fg=magenta,bg=cyan
 1005         colour 256  view-header ft=bold,fg=208,bg=230 subject,from
 1006         colour mono view-header ft=bold
 1007         colour mono view-header ft=bold,ft=reverse subject,from
 1008       endif
 1010   + The variable *colour-pager*#374 defines whether colour and font
 1011     attribute sequences should be generated when viewing something
 1012     in $PAGER#589.
 1014   + Set the variable *colour-disable*#373 to turn colour off
 1015     without affecting established settings.
 1017   + It is deduced via termcap(5) (see below) whether the terminal
 1018     supports colors, e.g., "$ s-nail -Stermcap=Co#256".
 1019     This is also true if we don't have termcap support.
 1021   + Support for 256-colour terminals. (Gavin Troy)
 1023 - `source'#267 series support shell pipes if the last character
 1024    of the "filename" ends with a vertical bar |, e.g.,
 1026       ? source 'gpg -qd ~/.s-nailrc-private.gpg |'
 1028 - Shell pipes are also supported as targets for `move'#217,
 1029   `copy'#154 etc., yet unfortunately not with via a sh(1)ell token
 1030   parser, so that the target still has to be a single argument.
 1032       ? copy . '| cat; echo huhu'
 1034 - Support for custom headers via the new `~^'#306 compose-mode
 1035   command escape and in addition, or alternatively, with the
 1036   internal variable *customhdr*#378, which also can be covered by
 1037   `localopts'#204.  (Sergey Matveev)
 1039   + Support of $ORGANIZATION has been dropped.
 1041   + Command escape `~e'#312 supports _any_ header.
 1043   + Command escape `~^'#306 supports _any_ header.
 1045 - New -:#53 command line option can be used to more easily select
 1046   which startup files should be loaded, e.g., -:/ loads none.
 1047   (Robert Elz)
 1049 - `account'#129s and *folder-hook*#395s now have `localopts'#204
 1050    enabled by default.
 1052 - A first simple form of compose-mode hooks has been implemented:
 1053   *on-compose-enter*#453, *on-compose-leave*#454 and
 1054   *on-compose-cleanup*#452 can be set to macros which get invoked
 1055   at appropriate times.
 1056   For the `resend'#244 series there is *on-resend-enter*#458 and
 1057   *on-resend-cleanup*#457: this is very likely to change once
 1058   true message access is possible even in this mode.
 1060   An even more powerful mechanism is available via the also new
 1061   *on-compose-splice*#455 and *on-compose-splice-shell*#456 hooks.
 1062   These are executed in child processes and communicate with the
 1063   parent via their standard input and output, and therefore can
 1064   do anything and act as if they were the user.
 1066   `localopts'#204 are enabled and cannot be disabled (and extend
 1067   until the message is sent).
 1068   (Jens Schleusener, Rudolf Sykora)
 1070     ? set on-compose-splice=ocs
 1071     ? define ocs {
 1072       read ver
 1073       echo Splice protocol version is $ver
 1074       echo '~^header list'
 1075       read hl; vput vexpr es substring "${hl}" 0 1
 1076       if [ "$es" != 2 ]
 1077         echoerr 'Failed to read header list, bailing out'
 1078         echo '~x'
 1079       elif [ "$hl" @i!% ' cc' ]
 1080         echo '~^header insert cc Diet is your <mirr.or>'
 1081         read es; vput vexpr es substr "${es}" 0 1
 1082         if [ "$es" != 2 ]
 1083           echoerr 'Failed to insert Cc:, bailing out'; echo '~x'
 1084         end
 1085       end
 1086     }
 1088 - "The .netrc file"#37
 1090   + gained support for comments.
 1091     (Walter Alejandro Iglesias, Ralph Corderoy)
 1093   + `netrc'#220 now has a "load" subcommand.
 1095   + the new *netrc-pipe*#447 obsoletes OPT_AGENT and
 1096     *agent-shell-lookup*, and can be used to load an encrypted
 1097     .netrc file, e.g.:
 1099       ? set netrc-lookup netrc-pipe='gpg -qd ~/.netrc.gpg'
 1101     I.e., this is in usual .netrc syntax and thus possibly much
 1102     nicer than saying "? source 'gpg -qd ~/.credentials.gpg |'".
 1104 - termcap(5) / terminfo(5) support has been changed backward in-
 1105   and upward (from user interface side) compatibly, please read
 1106   "On terminal control and line editor"#17.
 1108   + OPT_TERMCAP is by default enabled.
 1109     The new, by default enabled, configuration option
 1110     OPT_TERMCAP_VIA_TERMINFO can be used to (try to) use
 1111     terminfo(5) instead.
 1113   + The variable *termcap*#556 can be used to freely define or
 1114     override terminal capabilities, and *termcap-disable*#558 will
 1115     disable interaction with the chosen library, leaving only
 1116     *termcap* in charge.
 1118     To use the so-called ca-mode on supporting terminals,
 1119     effectively turning S-nail into a fullscreen application,
 1120     *termcap-ca-mode*#557 must be set.
 1122   + The built-in line editor has been rather completely rewritten
 1123     to be the Mailx-Line-Editor (OPT_MLE, default yes), and
 1124     supports wide glyphs (if possible), infinite line lengths
 1125     (2 GB) and more.  Tabulator expansion is no longer an option
 1126     (but needs fnmatch(3)).
 1128   + Optionally (OPT_KEY_BINDINGS, default yes) it has become
 1129     possible to freely define key bindings for the MLE via the new
 1130     `bind'#138 and `unbind'#139 commands.  These key bindings can
 1131     make use of termcap(5) and/or terminfo(5) names.  The MLE will
 1132     install a set of default bindings (unless there is a set
 1133     *line-editor-no-defaults*#424), more so with OPT_TERMCAP,
 1134     i.e., try "? bind*".
 1136     Sufficient support provided, one can now, e.g., type "p " and
 1137     then collect the message numbers to type, scrolling forward
 1138     and backward via key-bindings, without loosing the line
 1139     content, then commit the final line.
 1141   + OPT_EDITLINE and OPT_READLINE support have been dropped.
 1142     The new MLE should not miss anything.  Does it?
 1143     Tip: in an UTF-8 locale try "? !touch /tmp/hall{,öchen}" and
 1144     then autocomplete that: once, then ^Q, and again.
 1146 - `source'#267 can be used in `call'#140ed macros.
 1147   What sounds so innocent replaced an entire machinery and got rid
 1148   of a brilliant idea of Kurt Shoens from the 70s, but which never
 1149   worked with Nail/Heirloom extensions, namely macros, and in the
 1150   right order.
 1151   Accompanying this -X#83 can (dig multiline arguments and can) be
 1152   used to define macros and run them etc.  Should work:
 1154     $ s-nail -X'define x {' -Xversion -Xx -X'}' -X'call x'
 1155     $ s-nail -X'source \' -X'"echo version|"' -Xx
 1157   Macros can be `undefine'#159d from within themselves, and re-
 1158   `define'#158d.  It is still not possible to define macros
 1159   from within macros, and/or have inner macros, not to talk
 1160   about local scoping or anything more sophisticated such.
 1162 - -u#80 / $LOGNAME#582 ($USER) handling has been redefined,
 1163   and "-u USER" is now exactly the same as "-f %USER", and
 1164   $LOGNAME (and $USER) is actively set to the active user.  (Afan)
 1166   $LOGNAME#582 is POSIX standardized and henceforth used and
 1167   preferred over $USER, which came from BSD.  (Todd C. Miller)
 1169 - In the future (at least non-message-list) argument handling will
 1170   be changed backward-incompatibly to be sh(1)ell compatible (and
 1171   thus POSIX standardized), see "Shell-style argument quoting"#24.
 1172   New commands use it already today (`bind'#138, `colour'#149,
 1173   `headerpick'#195), some others (most importantly, `set'#255) can
 1174   be forced to do so via the new `wysh'#119 command prefix, as in:
 1176     ? wysh set message-inject-tail=$'\n--steffen'
 1177     ? bind base $'\cA,\x61' 'echo control-A and small a'
 1179 - We now actively manage *umask*#563: 0077 by default, but an
 1180   empty string will use the setting that is active upon startup.
 1181   Just like changes to (known) environment variables, this setting
 1182   will also be inherited by any child process.
 1183   (Walter Alejandro Iglesias)
 1185 - Anything SENDMAIL / *sendmail*-ish has been renamed to *mta*#441,
 1186   *mta-arguments*#442, *mta-no-default-arguments*#443 and
 1187   *mta-argv0*#445.
 1189   The reason is that in v15 we won't even have *smtp*: it is just
 1190   another form of MTA, and thus obsolete by itself.
 1191   Note that *mta-arguments* is now parsed via the shell-token
 1192   parser, so the following ends up exactly as desired.
 1194     ? set mta-arguments='-t -X "/tmp/my log"'
 1196   For now we support a hack that understands a file:// URL in
 1197   *mta*, too, but that is also the default if there is no protocol.
 1198   E.g.: "? set mta=smtp://a:b@xy.z"
 1200 - The "spamd" *spam-interface*#525 is obsolete.  I haven't tested
 1201   it since my main machine died, it is error prone since it assumes
 1202   internals of the spamassassin wire protocol, and there never was
 1203   a speed improvement over "spamc".  (However it could react upon
 1204   the "is-spam" state of a message, which "spamc" doesn't allow.)
 1206 - The new *inbox*#418 variable will henceforth be looked up when
 1207   searching for a primary system mailbox (as in "? File %"),
 1208   followed by the usual $MAIL#583 and compile-time defined local
 1209   mailspool search.  (Stephen Isard, Jürgen Daubert)
 1211 - The semantic of -a#55 and `~@'#304 have been changed, and both
 1212   commands now use the same syntax:
 1214     -a file[=input-charset[#output-charset]]
 1216 - New "failinvaddr" keyword for *expandaddr*#390.
 1218 - We finally "can" the so-called (by myself) "Dr. Problem" (a bit):
 1219   (Dr. Werner Fink)
 1221     $ </dev/null s-nail -d:/ -sTrödler 'Dr. D. Iet <z@a.k>' 2>&1 |\
 1222       grep To:
 1223     s-nail: >>> To: "Dr. D. Iet" <z@a.k>
 1225   This can be done via the new `addrcodec'#131, too, note this
 1226   supports multiple modes (and the `vput'#118 command modifier):
 1228     $ echo 'addrcodec e Dr. Diet <to@fu.soj> Curd' | s-nail -#:/
 1229     "Dr. Diet Curd" <to@fu.soj>
 1231 - All commands with the string "codec" in their name use different
 1232   argument quoting, namely none at all, please read
 1233   "Raw data arguments for codec commands"#25.
 1234   This means that `urlcodec'#284 (and `imapcodec'#621) has
 1235   slightly changed semantics.
 1236   And, while here: there is a new `shcodec'#257, too.
 1238 - We gained "Command modifiers"#21: `\'#113 (avoid expansion of
 1239   `commandalias'#151es), `vput'#118 (store result in variable),
 1240   `ignerr'#114  (ignore an error of the following command, even
 1241   if the new *errexit*#388 is set), `wysh'#119 (use shell-style
 1242   arguments).
 1244     $ echo 'vput cwd resvar;echo $resvar' | s-nail -#:/
 1245     /home/steffen/src/nail.git
 1247   And the usual sh(1) stuff: `return'#250, `shift'#261, `eval'#178,
 1248   plus a `xcall'#293 stack-avoidance optimization (to be used in
 1249   place of a `call'#140 which would be the last called command).
 1250   And an "expr(1) like thing", yet simple, `vexpr'#289.
 1252     $ echo 'vexpr + 1 2' | s-nail -#:/
 1253     00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000011
 1254     03 | 0x3 | 3
 1255     $ echo 'vput vexpr resvar + 1 2;echo $resvar' | s-nail -#:/
 1256     3
 1258   We actually start walking (*?*#332, *^*#334).
 1260     ? vput vexpr res regex 'bananarama' 'Bana(.+)' '\$1\$0'
 1261     ? echo $?/$^ERRNAME :$res:
 1262     1/NODATA ::
 1263     ? vput vexpr res iregex 'bananarama' '(.+)rama' '\$1\$0'
 1264     ? echo $?/$^ERRNAME :$res:
 1265     0/NONE :bananabananarama:
 1267   The command `vpospar'#290 can be used to manage the stack of
 1268   positional parameters, i.e., much like "set --".
 1269   It also offers the possibility to save and restore the stack to
 1270   and from variables.  Etc.
 1272   Btw., to contact the maintainer (make.rc variables
 1275     ? echo $contact-web; eval mail $contact-mail
 1277 - `if'#201 no longer performs automatic number conversion, we
 1278   use the explicit -lt, -gt etc. syntax of the sh(1).
 1279   Note: `if' will change to be almost identical to sh(1) if(1),
 1280   so please ensure proper test bracketing, even if it is less
 1281   convenient.
 1283   Moreover, the default string comparison mode has changed to
 1284   case-sensitive, just like in the shell.  This is because in the
 1285   future this crux with trigger characters will vanish and `if'
 1286   etc. will simply slurp in already expanded shell tokens, it will
 1287   act like the shell in that respect.  We have modifiers, though,
 1288   yet only "@i" for case-insensitivity, also for regex matches:
 1290     LC_ALL=C
 1291     i=`LC_ALL=C.utf8 s-nail -:/ -# -X '
 1292        \define cset_test {
 1293           \if [ "${ttycharset}" @i=% utf ]
 1294              \echo $LC_ALL
 1295              \xit 0
 1296           \end
 1297           \if [ "${#}" -gt 0 ]
 1298              \wysh set LC_ALL=${1}
 1299              \shift
 1300              \eval xcall cset_test "${@}"
 1301           \end
 1302           \xit 1
 1303        }
 1304        \call cset_test C.UTF-8 POSIX.utf8 POSIX.UTF-8 \
 1305           en_EN.utf8 en_EN.UTF-8 en_US.utf8 en_US.UTF-8
 1306    '`
 1307    [ $? -eq 0 ] && UTF8_LOCALE=$i
 1309   Please note the `eval' in 'eval xcall cset_test "${@}".  This is
 1310   a difference of S-nail/mailx and the sh(1)ell that will remain,
 1311   as documented in "COMMANDS"#20: whereas the shell implements
 1312   a language and performs standardized expansions on the line
 1313   until finally the command is called, S-nail will decide the type
 1314   of command line parsing dependent on the seen command, and will
 1315   then perform a single expansion.  Therefore "${@}" will expand
 1316   to multiple arguments if $# is greater 0, but it will expand to
 1317   the empty string otherwise, which is not furtherly expanded away
 1318   since it is meaningless like it is in the shell: therefore $#
 1319   will be 1 (the empty string) not 0.
 1321 - Using an explicit proto:// prefix should get you the desired
 1322   thing apart of *newfolders*#448, e.g.:
 1324     ? File maildir:///tmp/x.mdir
 1325     ? copy * file:///tmp/x.mbox
 1327 - New variable *record-files*#487 can be set to extend the meaning
 1328   of *record*#486.  *record-resent*#488 was there already.
 1330 - New variable *ifs*#414 acts a bit like the sh(1)ell's $IFS for,
 1331   e.g., the new `read'#234 command.
 1333   There is a `readctl'#236 command which can be used to manage
 1334   the active channel used by `read'#234.
 1336 - The `~' alias for `call'#140 is gone.
 1338 - `mimetype'#209 only allows specification of a single type per
 1339   call, on the other hand no need to quote that.
 1341 - `mimeview'#213 must now be used explicitly to look at any
 1342   non-text MIME part, for normal display etc. purposes we only
 1343   support "copiousoutput"#608 MIME handlers.
 1345 - New *socks-proxy*#524 can be used to proxy all network traffic
 1346   over a SOCKS5 proxy.  (Gaetan Bisson)
 1348 ChangeLog
 1349 ^^^^^^^^^
 1351 - The manual has seen another major overhaul, all the variables
 1352   are now documented in a single, sorted list, and many
 1353   clarifications should have been added.  I hope it has become
 1354   a better read.
 1355   (Predrag Punosevac, Michael Convey, Hariskar, Rudolf Sykora,
 1356   Respiranto, Thomas Dickey, Donald Mugnai)
 1358 - To support RFC 1524 a.k.a. .mailcap files (see below) many
 1359   "trigger"-characters have been added for *pipe-TYPE/SUBTYPE*#462,
 1360   which may (rarely) affect existing values.
 1361   The .mailcap support itself is not yet implemented.
 1363 - *mime-counter-evidence*#438 gained bit 4 (perform proper in-depth
 1364   content inspection as necessary; set to 0xE for all bits).
 1365   (Aharon Robbins)
 1367 - Maildir paths are now created recursively as necessary.
 1368   (Justin Ellingwood)
 1370 - -M#70 and -m#71 options have been added to enforce a special
 1371   send mode that will flag standard input / the given file with
 1372   the specified / detected MIME 'Content-Type:'.  This can be used
 1373   to directly send, e.g., HTML log output.
 1374   (Viktor Szépe, Ralph Corderoy)
 1376 - Disallow symlinks on writable files.  Note this requires
 1377   O_NOFOLLOW support for the operating-system-call open(2), but
 1378   which has been standardized a long time ago.
 1379   (Matthew Dillon)
 1381 - `retain'#249, `ignore'#202 etc. now differentiate in between
 1382   From (the From: header) and From_ (the MBOX ident).
 1384   In fact we now have a new `headerpick'#195 command which
 1385   is a multiplexer for all retain and ignore lists used, call it
 1386   without arguments to see the current setting(s).
 1387   In v15 only `headerpick' and the standard-imposed wrappers
 1388   `retain' and `ignore' will remain, all other wrappers will
 1389   vanish.  Regular expressions can now be used if available:
 1391     ? headerpick
 1392       headerpick type retain blahblahblah cc date from \
 1393         mail-followup-to message-id openpgp reply-to subject to \
 1394         user-agent
 1395       #headerpick type ignore currently covers no fields
 1396       #headerpick save retain currently covers no fields
 1397       headerpick save ignore '^Original-.*$' '^X-.*$' '^DKIM.*$'
 1398       headerpick forward retain cc date from list-id \
 1399         mail-followup-to openpgp reply-to subject to
 1400       #headerpick forward ignore currently covers no fields
 1402 - `top'#276 has been rewritten completely, `Top'#275 is new.
 1403   It uses a built-in set of retain/ignore headers, but it is
 1404   possible to register a custom set via `headerpick'#195.
 1405   Also, *toplines*#559 has been extended a bit and the new
 1406   *topsqueeze*#560 variable may pimp your `top' experience.
 1408     ? headerpick top retain add subject
 1409     ? top
 1410     [-- Message  1 -- 87 lines, 4791 bytes --]:
 1411     Subject: Re: I can't dist to myself
 1413     I wrote:
 1414         3.22. bounce_delivered
 1416 - `features' has been dropped, `version'#288 extended.
 1418 - The *prompt*#477 handling has changed: we lost the capability to
 1419   expand \?, \@ and \$, instead new "private" variables *?*#332,
 1420   *account*#343, *mailbox-resolved*#427 and
 1421   *mailbox-display*#426 have been introduced, and the prompt
 1422   is completely shell expanded (thus twice with `wysh' or in v15),
 1423   as if dollar-single-quote quoted.  We do support the reverse-
 1424   solidus escaped bracket notation for embedding characters which
 1425   should not be counted when calculating the width of the prompt.
 1426   The `colour'#149 command has a slot for the prompt colour.
 1427   We gained *prompt2*#478 as a second level prompt.
 1429     ? var prompt
 1430     wysh set \
 1431       prompt='?\${?}!\${!}[\${account}#\${mailbox-display}]? '
 1433 - The filename "-" can be used as a receiver, e.g.,
 1435     $ echo Hey,\ you | s-nail -:/ -Sexpandaddr -sUB -
 1437 - The -s#78 command line option, the `~s'#325 command escape
 1438   as well as the corresponding slots of `~^'#306 will actively
 1439   strip [\r\n] from their value (Debian #419840).
 1441 - New `read'#234 and `echoerr'#169 commands, mostly for
 1442   *on-compose-splice*#455.
 1443   But also `echon'#170 and `echoerrn'#171, which do not write
 1444   a trailing newline.
 1446 - New variable *r-option-implicit*#484 may be helpful to those
 1447   who regulary need the functionality of the -r#76 command
 1448   line option.  (Felipe Gasper, Martin Neitzel)
 1450 - By using new "pseudo-URLs" one can automatize the use of S/MIME
 1451   keys / (certificates / intermediate include certificates) with
 1452   passwords.  E.g., to drive bob@exam.ple, set
 1453   *smime-sign-cert-bob@exam.ple* to the private key / certificate
 1454   pair as usual, the password lookup will then be performed for
 1455   bob@exam.ple.smime-cert-key, bob@exam.ple.smime-cert-cert and
 1456   bob@exam.ple.smime-include-certs.
 1457   Like this the password can be stored in an encrypted .netrc file
 1458   when *netrc-lookup*#446 and *netrc-pipe*#447 are set, or it may
 1459   be stored in an encrypted resource file that has been loaded via
 1460   `source'#267 as a simple *password*#460 variable.
 1462   Note that the prompting that happens as a last resort of
 1463   password lookup will still interfere with a possibly running
 1464   $PAGER#589 instance, dependent on the setting of *crt*#377, of
 1465   course.  Proper job control handling and recognizing that we are
 1466   running $PAGER when doing that prompt is a TODO for v15.  Sorry.
 1468 - Some commands, like `set'#255, `help'#198, `list'#203,
 1469   `mlist'#211 etc., now react upon the setting of *verbose*#566
 1470   and(/or) *debug*#381.
 1472 - `write'#292 uses iconv(3) as appropriate.
 1474 - *mbox-rfc4155*#430 has first been dropped, and was then
 1475   reintroduced with different semantics.  Because, it can be
 1476   helpful if a messed up MBOX is read, in which case we henceforth
 1477   will warn you and point you to this:
 1479     ? define mboxfix {
 1480       \localopts yes; \wysh set mbox-rfc4155;\
 1481         \wysh File "${1}"; \eval copy * "${2}"
 1482     }
 1483     ? call mboxfix /tmp/bad.mbox /tmp/good.mbox
 1485   P.S.  Here you see how weird the current thing still is, in v15:
 1487     ? define mboxfix {
 1488       localopts yes; set mbox-rfc4155; File "${1}"; copy * -- "${2}"
 1489     }
 1491   And also in v15 we will not apply (proper) so-called MBOXO
 1492   quoting, but instead (simply MIME) re-encode mail messages.
 1494 - `call_if'#141 is new and, different to "? ignerr call", silent
 1495   and not messing with the return status.
 1497 - The new *smime-ca-flags*#510 and *ssl-ca-flags*#537 can be used
 1498   to fine-tune X509_STORE_set_flags(3) a.k.a the X509 CA
 1499   certificate verification.
 1501     ? set ssl-ca-flags=partial-chain
 1502     ? wysh set smime-ca-flags="${ssl-ca-flags}"
 1504   Also, *ssl-curves*#546 for TLSv1.3.
 1506 - Socket connections use TLS S(erver)N(ame)I(ndication) as
 1507   appropriate (RFC 7817).
 1509 - `alternates'#134 checks arguments and supports `vput'#118.
 1510   It by default no longer replaces but appends alternates, unless
 1511   *posix*#475 mode is active.  There is a new `unalternates'#135
 1512   command to remove alternates.
 1514 - A new `charsetalias'#144 command.  (Pietro Cerutti, mutt#3925)
 1516 - New commands `filetype'#182 and `unfiletype'#183: in the future
 1517   we will no longer know any builtin filetypes, in fact we already
 1518   simulate .gz etc. via the new mechanism as necessary:
 1520     ? filetype \
 1521        bz2 'bzip2 -dc' 'bzip2 -zc' \
 1522        gpg 'gpg -d' 'gpg -e' \
 1523        gz 'gzip -dc' 'gzip -c' \
 1524        xz 'xz -dc' 'xz -zc' \
 1525        zst 'zstd -dc' 'zstd -19 -zc' \
 1526        zst.pgp 'gpg -d | zstd -dc' 'zstd -19 -zc | gpg -e'
 1528 - `~<'#301 now offers a "- [HERE-delimiter]" mode for pasting etc.
 1529   (Ralph Corderoy)
 1531 - `exit'#179 and `quit'#233 take an optional exit status.
 1532   (That is not fixated yet, though.)
 1534 - We have a useful -h / --help output.  (Doug McIlroy)
 1536 - *encoding* obsoleted in favour of new *mime-encoding*#439, which
 1537   now defaults to base64.
 1539 - *allnet*#345 now works (broken since nail 10.00, 2002-09-29).
 1541 git(1) shortlog (abbreviated)
 1542 '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
 1544 f01291d extract_date_from_from_(): dig more invalid MBOXes (Antonio Radici)..
 1545 df8768b Add *mime-counter-evidence* bit 4 (Aharon Robbins)..
 1546 d3fe980 Ftmp(): drop "mode" argument (not wrong: Mike Frysinger)..
 1547 86159db nail.1: we support searching, really (Predrag Punosevac)
 1548 5b61a08 nail.1: talk about address lists (again) (Michael Convey)..
 1549 0eeffc4 nail.1: try improve states / MBOX etc. relation (Michael Convey)
 1550 43ea039 nail.1: what is an environment variable (Michael Convey)
 1551 13e0804 nail.1: fix typo (Hariskar (archlinux Wiki))
 1552 03d6af5 nail.1: more on sortability (Rudolf Sykora)..
 1553 4da9043 Not "binary", but "boolean" variables! (Predrag Punosevac)..
 1554 c85f56d Support :d specifier for at least `from' (Martin Neitzel)..
 1555 b12e1ed Be more friendly when composing mails (Martin Neitzel)..
 1556 b50eac0 nail.1: use display/show not type/print (Michael Convey)..
 1557 6feafaf Add `search' alias for `from' (Predrag Punosevac)
 1558 a4e2612 Support 256-colour terminals (Gavin Troy)
 1559 8655aff Error framework: print UAGENT prefix (ident in pipes; Salvatore
 1560         Bonaccorso)
 1561 e96baaa Introduce $LOGNAME, the POSIX equivalent of $USER (Todd C. Miller)
 1562 76e6364 Add `customhdr' (Sergey Matveev)..
 1563 ad58c91 Support *customhdr*, too (Sergey Matveev)..
 1564 6322e0a Support _any_ user header via ~e (Sergey Matveev)..
 1565 5d52578 Add -: command line option (Robert Elz)..
 1566 53b5f07 README: use git(1) --single-branch (Mantas Mikulėnas)
 1567 420131f Fix mispelling: can|to be send->sent (Respiranto (archlinux Wiki))
 1568 d6902e1 Add *on-compose-{enter,leave}* hooks (Jens Schleusener, Rudolf
 1569         Sykora)..
 1570 abf2e5d .netrc: support comments (Walter Alejandro Iglesias, Ralph Corderoy)..
 1571 37e0c26 nail.1: .netrc comma separator was in original Berknet parser! (Ralph
 1572         Corderoy)
 1573 40522c3 nail.1: use -v option to cat(1) if available (Thomas Dickey)
 1574 d8f7cd7 (BWDIC!) Redefine -u / $LOGNAME / $USER (Afan)..
 1575 e337e00 Support expansions in $MAIL!; more on `account's (Afan)..
 1576 d596d74 Compare *newfolders* case-insensitively (Justin Ellingwood)..
 1577 57744f9 Redefine *folder* / getfold->folder_query() / *HOME* (Justin
 1578         Ellingwood)..
 1579 3c57c83 n_path_mkdir(): create recursively as necessary (Justin Ellingwood)
 1580 0bbe981 nail.1: fix spelling errors as by igor(1) (Ingo Schwarze)
 1581 f1a775b Add -M and -m options (Viktor Szépe, Ralph Corderoy)..
 1582 1bd8e48 Add *umask*, and set actively (Walter Alejandro Iglesias)..
 1583 6b1cd93 Now with *umask*, just drop fchmod(2)++ calls (Walter Alejandro
 1584         Iglesias)
 1585 ba22166 Change make targets; add $MAILJOBS; don't track $DESTDIR (Gaetan
 1586         Bisson)..
 1587 cd244b1 Add WANT_CROSS_BUILD make.rc option (Juan RP)..
 1588 95141f6 Tweak VERBOSE handling (William Yodlowsky)..
 1589 d74a18a mk-conf.sh:path_check(): skip any "fakeroot" path (Hilko Bengen)
 1590 10990e4 Add n_O_NOFOLLOW, disallow symlinks for writable files (Matthew
 1591         Dillon)..
 1592 df4954c Add $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (reproducible-builds.org; Colin Watson)
 1593 dc92f2c savedeadletter()->sendout.c; tweak POSIX compliance (Ralph Corderoy)
 1594 20f3cd2 nail.1: more explicit `set' references instead of saying 'Set' (Donald
 1595         Mugnai)..
 1596 2d53b46 url_parse(): better take better care for path parts (Stephen Isard)..
 1597 21f0eaa mk-conf.sh: find terminfo on Sun (Thomas Dickey)..
 1598 e4ddaa8 Change n_iconv*() protos, add enum n_iconv_flags (Ralph Corderoy)..
 1599 1587069 FIX [44cec1f] (Fix "address" message specifications (John Dodson))..
 1600 e40e181 nail.1, nail.rc: set *sendwait* by default (Ralph Corderoy)
 1601 7adcf99 `write'++: !interactive: urlxenc() attachment paths (Ralph Corderoy)..
 1602 b14aae7 `write'++: !interactive:.. But now, really (Lyndon Nerenberg, David
 1603         Levine)..
 1604 5270bf1 Simplify *folder* (implicit trail solidus) (Stephen Isard, Ralph
 1605         Corderoy)
 1606 a638bcf Add *typescript-mode*, set it for -# (Ralph Corderoy, Martin
 1607         Neitzel)..
 1608 053e19f Add *inbox* (Stephen Isard, and Jürgen Daubert)..
 1609 20e3240 Add OPT_ALWAYS_UNICODE_LOCALE (Predrag Punosevac)..
 1610 14b5a3a Make combinetime() overflow safe (Vincent Lefevre)..
 1611 7a657d9c cc-test.sh: add S/MIME disproofs via smime(1) (Sven Neuhaus)..
 1612 ae86c884 cmd1.c:__hprf(): compensate for add. bytes of UTF-8 seq.(s) (Martin
 1613         Neitzel)
 1614 975e6869 (BWDIC!) Only rm sysboxes, unless *posix* (Walter A. Iglesias,
 1615         trondd)..
 1616 81e33751 Throw away file_expand() (Ismael Bouya)..
 1617 5ae556f8 Add *r-option-implicit* (Felipe Gasper, Martin Neitzel)..
 1618 33709163 nail.1: some more words for *inbox*, and such sort (Stephen Isard)
 1619 88c19049 mk-release.inc: place OpenPGP signatures last (learned from Paul
 1620         Eggert)
 1621 0ede309c Rudely fix the RFC 5322 dot-atom, the "Dr. Problem" (Dr. Werner Fink)
 1622 f797c27e FIX privsep.c, yes, vulnerability (wapiflapi)..
 1623 f2699449 FIX privsep.c vulnerability, II (forgot hostname!) (wapiflapi)
 1624 303d46cd FIX [3d7835fc] aka `~^' attachments, especially Content-ID: (Ralph
 1625         Corderoy)
 1626 4ce4eb55 privsep.c: and just verify the box is also in CWD (wapiflapi)
 1627 25d9e6e2 Generate Content-ID: as applic. (Ralph Corderoy, Ken Hornstein, David
 1628         Levine)
 1629 6409c886 nail.1: clarify/FIX doc. of \cX (Noel Chiappa, Random832)..
 1630 5a1c023c nail.1: furtherly clarify doc. of \cX (Doug McIlroy)..
 1631 d33294c2 mk-release.inc: use %B for $DATE_MAN (Baptiste Daroussin)..
 1632 eafa9411 (BWDIC!) Defaults for *datefield{-markout-older}* (Debian #855582;
 1633         r.ductor)..
 1634 5ab93627 MLE: set FEXP_NOPROTO for mle-complete expansions (Ralph Corderoy)
 1635 ada72661 ~<: add "- [HERE-delimiter]" for pasting etc. (Ralph Corderoy)
 1636 d4d46c42 Add `charsetalias', and use it (Pietro Cerutti, mutt#3925)
 1637 65e2b75f Redefine VIP handling of variables (Ralph Corderoy)..
 1638 162cafb7 *mime-counter-evidence*, bit 4: allow "soft" controls (Jörg
 1639         Schilling)..
 1640 90861930 Readd removed fflush()/fseek() in between read and write..
 1641   [That should credit Jörg Schilling indeed]
 1642 aae47707 Tweak previous, and include O_CREAT in "a+" (Jörg Schilling)..
 1643 3e4441f8 a_main_usage(): new synopsis (Doug McIlroy)
 1644 8f61025b FIX icase hmaps (`charsetalias', `filetype', `mlist') (rain1)
 1645 2e6a811d a_termcap_init_var(): numerics not necessarily decimal (Thomas
 1646         Dickey)..
 1647 9d58267f config.h+: add n_PATH_DEVNULL, use it instead of hardcoding (Xin LI)
 1648 8075cf00 Support *socks-proxy* (SOCKS5) (Gaetan Bisson)
 1650 Appendix
 1651 ^^^^^^^^
 1653 The complete changelog of commits in between two versions OLD and
 1654 NEW can be inspected by using the git(1) `log' command:
 1656   $ git log --reverse --topo-order --abbrev-commit OLD..NEW
 1657   # Only topic branch headers (--no-merges for content commits only):
 1658   $ git log --oneline --reverse --topo-order --merges OLD..NEW
 1659   # Same, but truly accessible:
 1660   $ git log --oneline --reverse --topo-order --merges --parents OLD..NEW |
 1661     while read c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6; do
 1662       printf "%-24s: \$ git log --oneline --no-merges %s ^%s\n" \
 1663         "${c6}" "${c1}" "${c2}";
 1664     done
 1666 Entries for releases before v14.9.0 have been cut off and can be
 1667 found in the git(1) repository:
 1669   v14.8.0 - v14.8.16: $ git show v14.8.16:NEWS
 1670   v13     - v14.8.5 : $ git show v14.8.5:NEWS
 1671   9.0     - 12.5    : $ git show heirloom:ChangeLog
 1673 Also accessible via HTTPS?, just replace X.Y.Z accordingly:
 1675   \https?://git.sdaoden.eu/cgit/s-nail.git/tree/NEWS?h=vX.Y.Y
 1677 For even older releases you need to look into the [timeline]
 1678 branch, but no changelog has been administrated for them.
 1680 # s-tm-mode