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    1 I n s t a l l i n g  S - n a i l / S - m a i l x
    2 ================================================
    4 1.  Compilation
    5 1.1 What if configuration fails?
    6 1.2 What if building fails?
    7 1.3 What if tests fail?
    8 1.4 How can i enable debugging?
    9 2.  Notes on building the latest release
   11 1. Compilation
   12 --------------
   14 System specific notes can be found in the next section.
   15 All (optional) features are documented (and adjustable) in make.rc.
   16 Adjustments may also take place, and are usually done, from the command
   17 line, overriding those made in make.rc (if any).
   19 Without any adjustments all non-experimental features will be enabled,
   20 except some which provide redundant functionality (e.g., OPT_SPAMC is
   21 disabled because the generic OPT_SPAM_FILTER can do the same).
   22 None of the features are "require"d by default, so that configuration
   23 won't fail shall any of them not be available or usable.
   24 The generated configuration is tracked: changes will be recognized
   25 and cause automatic cleanups and rebuilds as necessary.
   26 Experts could find it valuable to adjust some settings in config.h.
   28   $ make tangerine  # equals "$ make config build test install"
   29   $ make citron     # equals "$ make config build install"
   30   $ make distclean  # *Completely* cleanup working directory
   32 With adjustments:
   34   $ make OPT_POP3=no OPT_SMTP=require tangerine
   35   $ make OPT_CROSS_BUILD=y VAL_PREFIX=/some/nasty/prefix citron
   37 With utility program and feature adjustments:
   39   $ make awk=/usr/bin/nawk OPT_SOCKETS=no DESTDIR=./zzz tangerine
   41 If OPT_DOTLOCK has been enabled then the minimal privilege-separated
   42 SETUID (to VAL_PRIVSEP_USER, default "root") helper program will be build
   43 and installed, and therefore the installation process needs to have the
   44 appropriate privileges.  In this case it may be useful to separate the
   45 configuration / building and the installation tasks and give the last
   46 step higher privileges via super(1), sudo(1), su(1) or a similar
   47 mechanism, e.g.:
   49   $ make VAL_PREFIX=/usr config && make MAKEJOBS='-j 4' &&
   50     super make DESTDIR=./xy install
   52 would create a "s-nail" binary and install a "s-nail" manual etc.  under
   53 the prefix "/usr" but rooted under "[./]xy", i.e., the binary would be
   54 installed as "[./]xy/usr/bin/s-nail".
   55 Out-of-tree compilation is supported; to use it, create the target
   56 directory of desire, change into it and run the make-emerge.sh script
   57 shipped with S-nail, then proceed as with normal in-tree building.
   58 The following make(1) targets exists, the default being `build':
   60 - tangerine   Shorthand for "$ make config build test install": create
   61               or check and update configuration, build, test and install.
   62               The variable $DESTDIR will be honoured (see make.rc),
   63               but not be tracked in the configuration.
   64               In order to parallelize the `build' step pass a $MAKEJOBS
   65               variable, as shown below.
   66 - citron      Shorthand for "$ make config build install".
   67               `build' parallelization via $MAKEJOBS, as shown below.
   68 - all         Shorthand for "$ make config build".
   69               `build' parallelization via $MAKEJOBS, as shown below.
   71 - config      Only create or check and update the configuration.
   72 - build       Only build (using the existing configuration).
   73               This can be parallelized, either by a corresponding make(1)
   74               invocation when the target is run by itself, or by setting
   75               the $MAKEJOBS variable otherwise, e.g., "MAKEJOBS='-j 4'".
   76               $MAKEJOBS is not tracked in the configuration.
   77 - install     Only install using the built files of the existing
   78               configuration.
   79               The variable $DESTDIR will be honoured (see make.rc),
   80               but not be tracked in the configuration.
   82               S-nail will create an uninstall shell script
   83               (VAL_UAGENT-uninstall.sh), but which will *not* be installed
   84               if $DESTDIR is set non-empty -- within $DESTDIR, that is.
   85               Copy or move it manually from the S-nail root directory ./
   86               into $DESTDIR as necessary.
   88 - clean       Remove anything which can be rebuild.
   89 - distclean   Remove anything which can be rebuild or reconfigured.
   91 - test        Run cc-test.sh in --check-only mode on the built binary.
   93 Setting the make(1) variable $VERBOSE to an arbitrary value during
   94 `config' time, as in "$ make VERBOSE=xy tangerine", will change the
   95 output of the `all', `install' etc. targets to a more verbose one.
   97 If some libraries are missing that you know are installed on your
   98 system, or if other errors occur due to missing files but which you know
   99 exist, please ensure that the environment variable $C_INCLUDE_PATH
  100 includes the necessary "include/" paths and the environment variable
  101 $LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes the necessary "lib/"rary paths.
  103 The S-nail make system will inspect these two environment variables and
  104 *automatically* convert them to cc(1) (c99(1)) -I and -L options (since
  105 these environment variables are, different to the command line options,
  106 not part of the POSIX standard).
  107 To set these environment variables, the following can be done in
  108 a Bourne / Korn / POSIX compatible shell:
  110   $ C_INCLUDE_PATH="${C_INCLUDE_PATH}:/usr/local/include"
  111   $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/local/lib"
  113   $ make tangerine
  115 Other than the standard paths /usr/{bin,include,lib} and /usr/local/[.]
  116 should possibly be placed first instead, presuming that they are meant
  117 to override things which usually exist in standard locations.
  118 If all else fails you can also forcefully pass in include directives and
  119 library paths by passing prefilled $INCS and $LIBS variables:
  121   $ make INCS=-I/mypath/include LIBS="-L/mypath/lib -lmylib" tangerine
  123 There are also some predefined configuration sets available, ment to be
  124 used instead of doing manual adjustments.
  127   Anything that can be turned off is off.  MIME cannot.
  128   The latter adds and "require"s iconv(3).
  131   Possibly what people want who need nothing but a MIME-capable mailx(1)
  132   and don't regret improved usability for the rare interactive use
  133   occasions.  Adds documentation strings, the built-in line editor (MLE)
  134   with history support and key bindings, error tracking, basic colour
  135   support and IDNA addresses, as well as generic spam filter support.
  137   "Require"s iconv(3), regex(3) and the dotlock helper.
  140   Sending messages directly to the mail provider via the SMTP protocol,
  141   instead of requiring a local mail-transfer-agent (MTA) who does.
  143   Adds SSL/TLS, SMTP, GSSAPI and .netrc file parsing on top of MINIMAL.
  145   "Require"s iconv(3), SSL/TLS, SMTP (sockets) and the dotlock helper.
  148   Like MINIMAL, but turns on all (other) options, also obsolete or
  149   redundant ones, but none of them required.
  151 1.1 What if configuration fails?
  152 --------------------------------
  154 The configuration process creates some files named "mk-config.*":
  156 - mk-config.log  output generated by the configuration compile tests.
  157 - mk-config.lst  configuration (chosen option, programs, paths).
  158                  (Removing this file reenables configuration even after
  159                  a screwed up configuration, e.g., due to power failure.)
  160 - mk-config.h    C program header produced according to mk-config.lst.
  161 - mk-config.ev   A set of sh(1) variables for reproducible compile runs.
  162 - mk-config.inc  List of C header include paths, as compiler directives.
  163 - mk-config.lib  List of used library information, as compiler directives.
  165 Of special interest is mk-config.log since the error usually manifests
  166 here in textual output.  Maybe that makes it obvious what can be done
  167 (header files could not be found because of missing entries in
  168 $C_INCLUDE_PATH, libraries could not be linked because of incomplete
  169 $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc.).
  171 Otherwise it is getting complicated, and it would be appreciated if you
  172 would contact the mailing-list!
  174 If you hit an actual bug in the configuration system, and "make
  175 distclean" will not help you out, please "reset" the state by doing
  176 a simple "$ rm mk-*".
  178 1.2 What if building fails?
  179 ---------------------------
  181 Even worse!  This should not happen if configuration succeeded!  It
  182 would be very kind and highly appreciated if you would report this
  183 to the mailing-list.
  185 1.3 What if tests fail?
  186 -----------------------
  188 That would be a disaster.  Please contact the mailing-list!
  189 If you have used OPT_AUTOCC (the default) and a non-debug target, you
  190 could try to reconfigure with an additional cc_maxopt=1 on the command
  191 line and report whether that turns the green testing light on.
  193 Otherwise you could run the cc-test.sh script in --mae-test mode and
  194 invoke the failing tests (testing echoes the actual test names in
  195 brackets): this will produce output files of the form mae-test-TESTXY.
  196 It would be nice if these outputs could be send to the mailing-list;
  197 possibly stored altogether in a compressed tar(1) file.  For example:
  199   $ ./cc-test.sh --mae-test ./s-nail t_behave_localopts t_behave_mbox
  200   $ tar -czf badtests.tar.gz mae-test-*
  201   $ rm mae-test-*
  203 Thank you!
  205 1.4 How can i enable debugging?
  206 -------------------------------
  208 Please ensure OPT_DEBUG=yes is enabled during compilation, as in
  210   $ make CONFIG=MAXIMAL OPT_DEBUG=yes
  212 If OPT_AUTOCC is enabled then the build system should automatically
  213 adjust the compiler flags accordingly, please see make.rc for more.
  214 There is also a `devel'opment target which does most of this by itself:
  216   $ make devel
  218 OPT_DEBUG (`devel') will enable memory bound debug canaries and
  219 Not-Yet-Dead function graph listings etc.  Whereas the latter will try
  220 to write its listing into a file named after your favourite MUA in
  221 your $TMPDIR (or "/tmp" or "./", in order), falling back to STDERR shall
  222 creation of the file not be possible (we won't overwrite an existing
  223 file), the debug facilities in general make their appearance on the
  224 standard error channel; because this can be a quite long output, then,
  225 it is possibly a good idea to redirect it to a file:
  227   $ s-nail -dvv 2> error.log
  229 Should you really discover any problems with S-nail it would be very
  230 useful for development if you would contact the mailing-list!
  231 Thank you!
  233 2. Notes on building the latest release
  234 ---------------------------------------
  236 - All systems:
  237   * I have turned off -Wstrict-overflow warnings unless we are debug
  238     enabled (talking about OPT_AUTOCC=yes here).
  239   * There are warnings on unused returns from some I/O functions.
  240     These will vanish after the large v15 I/O and MIME rewrite.
  241   * Some "XYZ may be used uninitialized" warnings are logically false.
  243 - All 32-bit systems:
  244   * There _may_ be warnings about format strings, like, e.g.,
  245       auxlily.c:1610:10: warning: format '%lu' expects type 'long
  246       unsigned int', but argument 3 has type 'size_t'
  247     The codebase is ISO C89 which has no %z printf(3) format.
  248     However we try hard to detect the real type size and define the
  249     "PRI[du]Z" macros which end up with the correct size, which is
  250     also compile-time asserted (see the "MCTA(sizeof(size_t) == XZ)"
  251     statements in nail.h).
  253     By forcing ISO C99 mode when compiling these warnings vanish, e.g.,
  254     with gcc(1) and clang(1): with OPT_AUTOCC pass
  255     "EXTRA_CFLAGS=-std=c99", otherwise ensure -std=c99 in $CFLAGS.
  257 Development and/or regular tests:
  259 . AlpineLinux <https://www.alpinelinux.org/> (3.7, edge; x86-64).
  260 . ArchLinux <https://www.archlinux.org/> (weekly updated; x86-64).
  261 . CRUX Linux <https://www.crux.nu/> (3.3; x86-64).
  262 . FreeBSD <https://www.freebsd.org/> (11.1; x86).
  263 . OpenBSD <https://www.openbsd.org/> (6.2; x86).
  265 Occasional tests:
  267 . Solaris <http://opencsw.org/>
  268   @ First of all: thanks to OpenCSW.org for offering SSH access to
  269     their Solaris build cluster!
  270   * In order to be able to run the tests you will need a cksum(1) that
  271     supports CRC-32 (POSIX).  We look into /opt/csw/gnu/cksum, but if
  272     that cannot be found you have to adjust the $cksum variable (see
  273     above) to something that works.
  274   * With OPT_AUTOCC: we try to use Sun cc(1) whenever we find it.
  275     If your gcc(1) installation is doing alright you have to turn
  276     OPT_AUTOCC off and use $CC, $CFLAGS and $LDFLAGS.
  277   * Some notes collected on earlier trials:
  278     + We may forcefully disable stack protectors on SunOS/gcc because of
  279       linking errors seen in earlier tests.
  280     + If you get the compiler / system header installation error
  281         Undefined                       first referenced
  282          symbol                             in file
  283         __builtin_stdarg_start              auxlily.o
  284       then you have to overwrite this symbol with __builtin_va_start,
  285       e.g., in conjunction with OPT_AUTOCC add this:
  286        EXTRA_CFLAGS='-D__builtin_stdarg_start=__builtin_va_start'
  287   - The OpenCSW build cluster consists of SunOS 5.9 - 5.11 machines
  288     under SPARC and i386.  And it looked good on 2017-09-15.
  289 . Void Linux <https://www.voidlinux.eu/> (x86; not in 2017 FIXME)
  291 # s-ts-mode