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    1     PROJECT is dead, if someone feels like taking over, contact me,
    2 I will provide all bits I have.
    4 daniel@veillard.com
    6                 README for rpm2html
    7 		    Version 0.90
    9 Rpm2html tries to solve 2 big problems one face when
   10 grabbing a RPM package from a mirror on the net and trying to
   11 install it:
   13    - it gives more information than just the filename before
   14      installing the package.
   15    - it tries to solve the dependancy problem by analyzing all
   16      the Provides and Requires of the set of RPMs. It shows the
   17      cross references by the way of hypertext links.
   19 The second point will only be efficient if the actual number of
   20 RPM indexed is important.
   21 I can see various usages for this software:
   23    - indexing mirrors sites (e.g. Sunsite, RedHat and their
   24      mirrors world wide).
   25    - indexing CD-ROM before shipping to provide an easier view
   26      of the packages available using the standard tool (an HTML
   27      browser).
   28    - exporting as a set of HTML pages the current setup of a
   29      linux machine, this may prove useful for system administration.
   31  Check INSTALL for installation instruction.
   32  Read BUGS to learn about registered misbehaviours
   34 Daniel
   36 $Id: README,v 1.12 2002/12/14 19:40:19 veillard Exp $