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rpm  4.15.0
Data Fields
pgpPktPre_u Union Reference

#include <rpmpgp.h>

Collaboration diagram for pgpPktPre_u:
Collaboration graph

Data Fields

pgpPktPubkey pubkey
pgpPktSig sig
pgpPktSymkey symkey
pgpPktOnepass onepass
pgpPktKey key
pgpPktCdata cdata
pgpPktEdata edata
pgpPktLdata ldata
pgpPktTrust tdata
pgpPktUid uid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 874 of file rpmpgp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cdata

pgpPktCdata pgpPktPre_u::cdata

5.6. Compressed Data

Definition at line 880 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ edata

pgpPktEdata pgpPktPre_u::edata

5.7. Symmetrically Encrypted Data 5.8. Marker (obsolete)

Definition at line 881 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ key

pgpPktKey pgpPktPre_u::key

5.5. Key Material

Definition at line 879 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ ldata

pgpPktLdata pgpPktPre_u::ldata

5.9. Literal Data

Definition at line 883 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ onepass

pgpPktOnepass pgpPktPre_u::onepass

5.4. One-Pass Signature

Definition at line 878 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ pubkey

pgpPktPubkey pgpPktPre_u::pubkey

5.1. Public-Key Encrypted Session Key

Definition at line 875 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ sig

pgpPktSig pgpPktPre_u::sig

5.2. Signature

Definition at line 876 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ symkey

pgpPktSymkey pgpPktPre_u::symkey

5.3. Symmetric-Key Encrypted Session-Key

Definition at line 877 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ tdata

pgpPktTrust pgpPktPre_u::tdata

5.10. Trust

Definition at line 884 of file rpmpgp.h.

◆ uid

pgpPktUid pgpPktPre_u::uid

5.11. User ID

Definition at line 885 of file rpmpgp.h.

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