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rpm  4.15.0
Typedefs | Enumerations
rpmtypes.h File Reference

Typedefs for RPM abstract data types. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <rpm/rpmtag.h>
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typedef const char * errmsg_t
typedef struct rpmPubkey_s * rpmPubkey
typedef struct rpmKeyring_s * rpmKeyring
typedef uint32_t rpmsid
typedef struct rpmstrPool_s * rpmstrPool
typedef struct rpmPlugin_s * rpmPlugin
typedef struct rpmPlugins_s * rpmPlugins
typedef struct rpmgi_s * rpmgi
typedef struct rpmSpec_s * rpmSpec
typedef struct rpmRelocation_s rpmRelocation
typedef struct _FD_s * FD_t
 RPM IO file descriptor type. More...
typedef enum rpmRC_e rpmRC
 Package read return codes. More...
typedef struct headerToken_s * Header
 RPM header and data retrieval types. More...
typedef struct headerIterator_s * HeaderIterator
typedef int32_t rpm_tag_t
typedef uint32_t rpm_tagtype_t
typedef uint32_t rpm_count_t
typedef rpm_tag_t rpmTagVal
typedef rpm_tag_t rpmDbiTagVal
typedef void * rpm_data_t
typedef const void * rpm_constdata_t
typedef struct rpmtd_srpmtd
typedef uint32_t rpm_color_t
typedef uint32_t rpm_flag_t
typedef uint32_t rpm_tid_t
typedef uint32_t rpmFlags
typedef uint32_t rpm_off_t
 In-header hardcoded sizes for various POSIXy types. More...
typedef uint64_t rpm_loff_t
typedef uint32_t rpm_time_t
typedef uint16_t rpm_mode_t
typedef uint16_t rpm_rdev_t
typedef uint32_t rpm_dev_t
typedef uint32_t rpm_ino_t
typedef struct rpmts_s * rpmts
 The main types involved in transaction manipulation. More...
typedef struct rpmte_s * rpmte
typedef struct rpmds_s * rpmds
typedef struct rpmfi_s * rpmfi
typedef struct rpmfiles_s * rpmfiles
typedef struct rpmdb_s * rpmdb
typedef struct rpmdbMatchIterator_s * rpmdbMatchIterator
typedef struct rpmtsi_s * rpmtsi
typedef struct rpmps_s * rpmps
typedef struct rpmtxn_s * rpmtxn
typedef struct rpmdbIndexIterator_s * rpmdbIndexIterator
typedef const void * fnpyKey
typedef void * rpmCallbackData


enum  rpmRC_e {
 Package read return codes. More...

Detailed Description

Typedefs for RPM abstract data types.

The grouping needs love to look sane...

Definition in file rpmtypes.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ errmsg_t

typedef const char* errmsg_t

Definition at line 17 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmgi

typedef struct rpmgi_s* rpmgi

Definition at line 88 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmKeyring

typedef struct rpmKeyring_s* rpmKeyring

Definition at line 80 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmPlugin

typedef struct rpmPlugin_s* rpmPlugin

Definition at line 85 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmPlugins

typedef struct rpmPlugins_s* rpmPlugins

Definition at line 86 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmPubkey

typedef struct rpmPubkey_s* rpmPubkey

Definition at line 79 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmRelocation

Definition at line 92 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmsid

typedef uint32_t rpmsid

Definition at line 82 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmSpec

typedef struct rpmSpec_s* rpmSpec

Definition at line 90 of file rpmtypes.h.

◆ rpmstrPool

typedef struct rpmstrPool_s* rpmstrPool

Definition at line 83 of file rpmtypes.h.