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rpm  4.15.0-beta
Data Structures | Typedefs | Functions
rpmsw.h File Reference

Statistics API. More...

#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
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Data Structures

struct  rpmsw_s
struct  rpmop_s
 Cumulative statistics for an operation. More...


typedef unsigned long int rpmtime_t
typedef struct rpmsw_srpmsw
typedef struct rpmop_srpmop


rpmsw rpmswNow (rpmsw sw)
 Return benchmark time stamp. More...
rpmtime_t rpmswDiff (rpmsw end, rpmsw begin)
 Return benchmark time stamp difference. More...
rpmtime_t rpmswInit (void)
 Return benchmark time stamp overhead. More...
int rpmswEnter (rpmop op, ssize_t rc)
 Enter timed operation. More...
rpmtime_t rpmswExit (rpmop op, ssize_t rc)
 Exit timed operation. More...
rpmtime_t rpmswAdd (rpmop to, rpmop from)
 Sum statistic counters. More...
rpmtime_t rpmswSub (rpmop to, rpmop from)
 Subtract statistic counters. More...

Detailed Description

Statistics API.

Definition in file rpmsw.h.