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    1 This directory should contain all test scripts.
    3 All test scripts should be named like test_*.py, where * describes which
    4 parts of the ReportLab toolkit are being tested (see sample test scripts).
    6 Most tests can be executed individually, or all can be run with 'runAll.py'.
    7 Some tests are functional rather than unit-tests and do things like
    8 generating the manuals, which assumes that you have the normal source
    9 distribution layout and other directories in the correct locations.
   11 The file runAll.py begins by deleting any files with extension ".pdf" or
   12 ".log" in the test directory, so you can't confuse old and current
   13 test output.  It then loops over all test scripts following the 
   14 aforementioned pattern and executes them.
   16 Any PDF or log files written should be examined, at least before
   17 major releases.  If you are writing tests, ensure that you only
   18 leave behind files which you intend a human to check.