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    1 /* An implementation of PostScript dict data structures */
    3 /* You must also include gt1-namecontext.h, gt1-region.h, and gt1-value.h.
    4    The dicts are all allocated in regions. */
    6 /* For efficiency and type safety, this dict implementation holds
    7    values as defined in value.h, i.e. values suitable for a PostScript
    8    implementation. If you want to use this dict in other contexts,
    9    it would probably be best to duplicate the code. */
   11 typedef struct _Gt1DictEntry Gt1DictEntry;
   13 struct _Gt1DictEntry {
   14   Gt1NameId key;
   15   Gt1Value val;
   16 };
   18 /* the dict is sorted by key */
   19 struct _Gt1Dict {
   20   int n_entries;
   21   int n_entries_max;
   22   Gt1DictEntry *entries;
   23 };
   25 Gt1Dict *gt1_dict_new (Gt1Region *r, int size);
   27 Gt1Value *gt1_dict_lookup (Gt1Dict *dict, Gt1NameId key);
   29 void gt1_dict_def (Gt1Region *r, Gt1Dict *d, Gt1NameId key, Gt1Value *val);