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    1 Here's a list of things left to do in no particular order:
    3 * I don't like the regexp syntax (can be very cryptic),
    4   but it feels like the old_str original string should allow it
    5   (and maybe with the -x option too).
    7 * ftw() isn't very portable outside of the UNIX environment - probably need
    8   to reccode the recursion to avoid using it. replace might eventually then
    9   compile OK with Cygwin...
   11 * Handle printf()-style escape sequences (particularly \r and \n) so that
   12   you can replace carriage returns/line feeds easily in text files
   13   (Windows naff text file format strikes again...).
   15 * A replace.spec RPM config file would be nice, plus Makefile rules to
   16   build a binary RPM (initially Fedora Core 2, maybe others later).