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    1                                replace 2.24
    2                            by Richard K. Lloyd
    3                       <replace@richardlloyd.org.uk>
    4                    http://replace.richardlloyd.org.uk/
    5                    Dedicated to everyone who hates sed
    7 You know, I looked around the Net back in 1994 and I was really surprised
    8 that I couldn't find a sensible "replace" command (not true any more - the
    9 "rpl" command has come on the scene to rival this program, but I hope you'll
   10 use this one instead !).
   12 This was probably because most UNIX hackers say "we've got sed, what do we need
   13 a replace command for ?". Well, my reply is that the sed syntax is disgraceful
   14 and totally user-hostile. It's also quite likely to come up with
   15 "sed: command garbled" and fail to send ANYTHING to stdout, meaning you
   16 end up wrecking your file if you try to call sed via a small shell script
   17 interface.
   19 So I cooked up this "replace" command - it's been pretty straightforward to
   20 write, although if you check out the FEATURES file, you'll see it now has many
   21 additional features that sed doesn't.
   23 NOTE: I cannot be sure that "replace" is totally bug-free. I accept no
   24       responsibility for the possible irreversible overwriting of files
   25       (especially with "replace -f") - I would recommend you try it on
   26       a copy of a few of your important files before you dare to use
   27       "replace -f".
   29 Anyway, I'll leave you to read the man page and enjoy.
   31 Please see HPUX.Install for the full installation instructions.