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    1 Here is a feature comparison list between the four major UNIX string
    2 replacement programs that have source code available for them:
    4 MySQL:    http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/replace_utility.html
    5 sed:      ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/sed/
    6 rpl:      http://www.laffeycomputer.com/rpl.html
    7 replace:  http://replace.richardlloyd.org.uk/
    9 Feature                                   MySQL   sed    rpl   replace
   10 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
   11 Freely modifiable/re-distributable         Yes    Yes    No      Yes
   12 Verbose mode                               Yes    No     Yes     Yes
   13 Interactive prompting                      No     No     Yes     Yes
   14 Fake mode (show but don't do it)           No     No     Yes     Yes
   15 Match new string case against old text     No     No     No      Yes
   16 Case-insensitive old string matching       No     No     Yes     Yes
   17 Word matching                              No     No     Yes     Yes
   18 Multiple replacement pairs                 Yes    Yes    No      Yes
   19 Unlimited string lengths                   Yes    Yes    No      Yes
   20 Can replace blank lines with new string    No     Yes    No      Yes
   21 Replace using stdin/stdout                 Yes    Yes    No      Yes
   22 Auto-detect binary files                   No     No     No      Yes
   23 Binary/hex string replacement              No     No     No      Yes
   24 Original file backup                       No     Yes    No      Yes
   25 Clean up temp files on CTRL-C              No     No     No      Yes
   26 String padding                             No     No     No      Yes
   27 Retain timestamp of original               No     No     Yes     Yes
   28 Retain owner/group/perms of original       No     No     Yes     Yes
   29 Directory recursion                        No     No     Yes     Yes
   30 Suffix match during recursion              No     No     Yes     Yes
   31 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
   32 Final score                               5/20   6/20    9/20   20/20
   34 Note that replacing strings in files with an optional backup (-i flag) is
   35 a new and most welcome feature in GNU sed 4.X or later, but sed's syntax
   36 sadly remains extremely user-hostile even in the latest GNU sed. MySQL's
   37 /usr/bin/replace (yes, it name-clashes with mine and I've told them that)
   38 is now the worst of the well-known replacement programs because it has very
   39 little to offer that can't be scripted with sed.
   41 rpl is a good alternative to sed for command-line use, though there are
   42 some drawbacks to it. The fact you're not allow to modify it and re-distribute
   43 the modified version is slightly disappointing (MySQL, sed and replace allow
   44 this, so why not rpl?) and the failure to allow the original file to be backed
   45 up before replacing strings in them is risking users' files unnecessarily
   46 (though this is promised as a feature in a future release). However, the two
   47 major omissions I can see from rpl (and both are supported in sed and replace)
   48 are the lack of multiple string replacement pairs and, even worse, the failure
   49 to support stdin/stdout for replacements, which severely limits its use in
   50 shell scripting.
   52 replace has some major advantages over both sed and rpl, particularly the
   53 auto-detection of binaries and the subsequent correct handling of replacements
   54 within binary files. This is a noticeable flaw in rpl because it has the
   55 recursive capability to destroy your binary files if you specify -r and supply
   56 an old string with a different length to the new string. Somewhat surprisingly,
   57 this destructive timebomb isn't mentioned anywhere in the rpl documentation
   58 or source code !
   60 The other big advantage of replace is its ability to retain the case of the
   61 original text being replaced (not the old string - the actual file contents)
   62 when replacing it with a new string. This is the reason I wrote replace in
   63 the first place - it's natural to keep the case (text can be in upper case
   64 and mixed case you know !) and a replace program that doesn't allow this is
   65 somewhat lacking, IMHO.
   67 The feature list table above was correct as of Thursday 7th October 2004.
   68 If you wish to make corrections to it, please e-mail
   69 replace@richardlloyd.org.uk and I'll appropriately adjust it.