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    1 create-cluster is a small script used to easily start a big number of Redis
    2 instances configured to run in cluster mode. Its main goal is to allow manual
    3 testing in a condition which is not easy to replicate with the Redis cluster
    4 unit tests, for example when a lot of instances are needed in order to trigger
    5 a given bug.
    7 The tool can also be used just to easily create a number of instances in a
    8 Redis Cluster in order to experiment a bit with the system.
   10 USAGE
   11 ---
   13 To create a cluster, follow these steps:
   15 1. Edit create-cluster and change the start / end port, depending on the
   16 number of instances you want to create.
   17 2. Use "./create-cluster start" in order to run the instances.
   18 3. Use "./create-cluster create" in order to execute redis-cli --cluster create, so that
   19 an actual Redis cluster will be created. (If you're accessing your setup via a local container, ensure that the CLUSTER_HOST value is changed to your local IP)
   20 4. Now you are ready to play with the cluster. AOF files and logs for each instances are created in the current directory.
   22 In order to stop a cluster:
   24 1. Use "./create-cluster stop" to stop all the instances. After you stopped the instances you can use "./create-cluster start" to restart them if you change your mind.
   25 2. Use "./create-cluster clean" to remove all the AOF / log files to restart with a clean environment.
   27 Use the command "./create-cluster help" to get the full list of features.