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HdrHistogram_c: 'C' port of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histogram


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This port contains a subset of the functionality supported by the Java implementation. The current supported features are:

Features not supported, but planned

Features unlikely to be implemented

Simple Tutorial

Recording values

#include <hdr_histogram.h>

struct hdr_histogram* histogram;

// Initialise the histogram
    1,  // Minimum value
    INT64_C(3600000000),  // Maximum value
    3,  // Number of significant figures
    &histogram)  // Pointer to initialise

// Record value
    histogram,  // Histogram to record to
    value)  // Value to record

// Record value n times
    histogram,  // Histogram to record to
    value,  // Value to record
    10)  // Record value 10 times

// Record value with correction for co-ordinated omission.
    histogram,  // Histogram to record to
    value,  // Value to record
    1000)  // Record with expected interval of 1000.

// Print out the values of the histogram
    stdout,  // File to write to
    5,  // Granularity of printed values
    1.0,  // Multiplier for results
    CLASSIC);  // Format CLASSIC/CSV supported.

More examples

For more detailed examples of recording and logging results look at the hdr_decoder and hiccup examples. You can run hiccup and decoder and pipe the results of one into the other.

$ ./examples/hiccup | ./examples/hdr_decoder