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    1 /*!@mainpage  Recoll: A personal/desktop text-search program
    2 \author email address: jfd@recoll.org
    4 \section intro Introduction
    6 Home page: http://www.recoll.org
    8 This is the documentation for Recoll, a personal text search tool. Recoll
    9 is written in C++, has a QT-based gui and uses the <a
   10 href="http://www.xapian.org">Xapian</a> full text search engine.
   12 Recoll supports a number of document types, the decoding of which is either
   13 performed with internal code or an externally executed, program. 
   15 It should be relatively easy to write a new filter for some yet unsupported
   16 file type, and the documentation for this is found here: <a
   17 href="filters.html">Writing input filters</a> 
   19 */