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R2PM(1) BSD General Commands Manual R2PM(1)


R2PM — radare2 package manager


r2pm [init|update|cmd] [...]


Allows to install, update, uninstall and discover plugins and tools that can be used with radare2.

−a, repo

Adds an external r2pm repository, no arguments to -a will list all the registered repos, use ’-a - repo’ to unregister/remove those repos.

−I, info

Show information about repository and installed packages

−i, install pkgname

Install a package

−gi, global-install pkgname

Install a package in the system directory

−t, test [OK|FX|BR|XX] [build-id]

Show last build + testsuite run from travis, greps for errors

−u, uninstall pkgname

Uninstall a package

−gu, global-install pkgname

Uninstall a package from the system directory

−l, list

List installed packages

−s, search keyword

Search in database for packages matching keyword

−r, run command ...args

Run command with R2PM_BINDIR in PATH

−v, version

Show version information

−h, help

Show usage help message

−c, clean

Clean the source cache

−w, when

Show when a package was installed or exit 1 if pkg does not exist


Initialize and update the package database

$ r2pm init
$ r2pm update

Install a package

$ r2pm install yara3

Uninstall a package

$ r2pm uninstall yara3

Search a package

$ r2pm search yara

List available packages

$ r2pm -s



Jun 7, 2016