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    1 No disassemble!!!
    2 Deltify your life with radare2
    3 In soviet russia, radare2 debugs you!
    4 What do you want to debug today?
    5 I love the smell of bugs in the morning.
    6 I'm in your source securing your bits.
    7 radare2 contributes to the One Byte Per Child foundation.
    8 3nl4r9e y0\/r r4d4r3
    9 I did it for the pwnz.
   10 If you send the program you are debugging to 15 friends in 143 minutes and then step three times on the same opcode you will get the name of the person who loves you.
   11 To remove this message, put `dbxenv suppress_startup_message 7.5' in your .dbxrc
   12 Heisenbug: A bug that disappears or alters its behavior when one attempts to probe or isolate it.
   13 radare2 is for lulzhats
   14 Microloft Visual Radare.NET 2008. Now OOXML Powered!
   15 A C program is like a fast dance on a newly waxed dance floor by people carrying razors - Waldi Ravens
   16 radare2 is like windows 7 but even better.
   17 We are surrounded by the enemy. - Excellent, we can attack in any direction!
   18 radare2-built farm beats the facebook one.
   19 Thank you for using radare2. Have a nice night!
   20 Your r2 was built 20h ago. TOO OLD!
   21 Use radare2! Lemons included!
   22 rax2 -s 20e296b20ae296b220e296b20a
   23 Connection lost with the license server, your r2 session will terminate in 30 minutes.
   24 This is amazing ...
   25 I love gradients.
   26 Wait a moment ...
   27 Don't do this.
   28 No such file or directory.
   29 Default scripting languages are NodeJS and Python.
   30 -bash: r2: command not found
   31 Press any key to continue ...
   32 Ilo ni li pona li pali e lipu. mi wile e ni: sina kama jo e musi
   33 radare2 for FideOS, now with extra potato
   34 Your project name should contain an uppercase letter, 8 vowels, some numbers, and the first 5 characters of your private bitcoin key.
   35 This computer has gone to sleep.
   36 Have you ever ordered a pizza using radare2?
   37 I thought we were friends. :_
   38 Welcome back, lazy human!
   39 Yo dawg!
   40 ---8<--------------------8<------------------8<-----------------8<------
   41 I accidentally the kernel with radare2.
   42 I endians swap.
   43 This page intentionally left blank.
   44 Here be dragons.
   45 Trust no one, nor a zero. Both lie.
   46 EIP = 0x41414141
   47 /dev/brain: No such file or directory.
   48 Virtual machines are great, but you lose the ability to kick the hardware.
   49 Charlie! We are here.
   50 The door is everything ...
   51 The door controls time and space.
   52 The door can see into your soul.
   53 I am Pentium of Borg. Division is futile. You will be approximated.
   54 Don't look at the code. Don't look.
   55 Dissasemble? No dissasemble, no dissassemble!!!!!
   56 Warning, your trial license is about to expire.
   57 Please register your copy of r2 today! Only £29.90!
   58 Welcome to IDA 10.0.
   59 It's not you, it's me.
   60 This software comes with no brain included. Please use your own.
   61 rm: /: Permission denied.
   62 That's embarrassing.
   63 In soviet Afghanistan, you debug radare2!
   64 Wow, my cat knows radare2 hotkeys better than me!
   65 Documentation is for weak people.
   66 PEBCAK ERROR: Documentation not found.
   67 License server overloaded (ETOOMUCHCASH)
   68 Error: cannot yank negative sleep
   69 If you're not satisfied by our product, we'll be happy to refund you.
   70 Already up-to-date.
   71 How about a nice game of chess?
   74 sudo make me a pancake
   75 I nodejs so hard my exams. What a nodejs!
   76 Now featuring NoSQL!
   77 One does not simply write documentation.
   78 We are bleeding edge here. Can't you feel the razors?
   79 There's a branch for that.
   80 Everything up-to-date.
   81 Sharing your latest session to Facebook ...
   82 This should be documented, since it's not that obvious.
   83 It's working! Look at the door!
   84 This is an unacceptable milion year dungeon.
   85 The Hard ROP Cafe
   86 Wait a minute! I found a bug, self-fixing ... OK
   87 Hold on, this should never happen!
   88 Well this is embarrasing ...
   90 ♥ --
   91 Can you stand on your head?
   92 May the segfault be with you.
   93 I script in C, because I can.
   95 Bindings are mostly powered by tears.
   96 In Soviet Russia, radare2 has documentation.
   97 Initial frame selected; you cannot go up.
   98 Unk, unk, unk, unk
   99 Experts agree, security holes suck, and we fixed some of them!
  100 This is just an existentialist experiment.
  101 Nothing to see here. Move along.
  102 Select your character: RBin Wizard, Master Anal Paladin, or Assembly Warrior
  103 I accidentally radared my filesystem today.
  104 No fix, no sleep
  105 You see it, you fix it!
  106 V is for Visual
  107 r2-goverity: found corruption - please eliminate!
  108 Stop debugging me!
  110 Polish reversers blame git
  111 vm is like a small cow in ascii
  112 Do you want to print 333.5K chars? (y/N)
  113 Now with more better English!
  114 :(){ :|:& };:
  115 All your base are belong to r2
  116 Ask not what r2 can do for you - ask what you can do for r2
  117 Try with ASAN, and be amazed
  118 bash: r3: command not found
  119 R2 loves everyone, even Java coders, but less than others
  120 It's not a bug, it's a work in progress
  121 Stop swearing!
  122 I didn't say that it was working, I said that it's implemented
  123 Wrong argument
  124 Remember that word: C H A I R
  125 what happens in #radare, stays in #radare
  126 For a full list of commands see `strings /dev/urandom`
  127 Good morning, pal *<:-)
  128 Of course r2 runs FreeBSD
  129 Reverser by Birth, r2 by Choice
  130 Radare2, what else?
  131 This incident will be reported
  132 command not found: calc.exe
  133 See you at the defcon CTF
  134 Don't waste your time
  135 WASTED
  136 getdruid to get eclectic uid
  137 Welcome to "IDA - the roguelike"
  138 255 shades of (truecolor) grey
  139 When you sold that exploit, what they really bought, was your silence.
  140 Greetings, human.
  141 nothing personal, just bitness
  142 Too old to crash
  143 Finnished a beer
  144 ESIL ruined my life
  145 ESIL: The Aftersleep
  146 Insert coin to continue ...
  147 See you in shell
  148 Mess with the best, Die like the rest
  149 Sarah Connor?
  150 Log On. Hack In. Go Anywhere. Get Everything.
  151 phrack, better than java in the browser -- jvoisin
  152 Did you know that radare2 can decompile to assembly?
  153 Are you still there?
  154 Follow the white rabbit
  155 Do not try to sploit that binary - that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no binary.
  156 Hello Mr. Anderson
  157 Try pressing the pigeon-shaped button
  158 What has been executed cannot be unexecuted
  159 What about taking a break? Here, have this nice 0xCC.
  160 r2 is meant to be read by machines.
  161 Prove you are a robot to continue ...
  162 This is fine.
  163 Using radare2 to generate intelligence ...
  164 Taking the file and moving it somewhere else
  165 It's the year of desktop on radare2
  166 💺
  167 It's the year of radare2 on the desktop
  168 SSAbotage from ISIL
  169 "a collection of garbage" -- an r2 pro user
  170 A git pull a day keeps the segfault away
  171 Are you a wizard?
  172 Learn pancake as if you were radare!
  173 r2 is a great OS, but a terrible hex editor
  175 radare2 0.9.7 is so old, my grandfarther was using it with his enigma in WWII
  176 Have you seen the latest radare2 TV spot?
  177 scp ~/.idapro/ida.key radare.org:/var/www/radare.org/pub/losers/
  178 Too bad there is no gif support in r2. Yet. -- @r2gif
  179 Almost 5am, maybe you should go to bed.
  180 Jingle sploits, jingle sploits, ropchain all the way.
  181 Mind that the 'g' in radare is silent
  182 256 colors ought to be enough for anybody
  183 Hang in there, Baby!
  184 Run a command with unspecified long sequence of 'a', pancake will be summoned and do the analysis for you.
  185 In r2land usability is treated as a bug
  186 radare2 is WYSIWYF - what you see is what you fix
  187 Your endian swaps
  188 *(ut64*)buffer ought to be illegal
  189 How about Global Thermonuclear War?
  190 There is no F5 key in radare2 yet
  191 Did you know that r2 is 10 years old?
  192 Beer in mind.
  193 r2 -- leading options since 2006
  194 Don’t feed the bugs! (except delicious stacktraces)!
  195 Feed the bugs!
  196 You haxor! Me jane?
  197 r2 talks to you. tries to make you feel well.
  198 Now i'm like an evil engineer. MUAHAHAH
  199 We only have bugs, features are an unintended side-effect
  200 There are 5 minutes from WTF to FIX in r2land
  201 Quantum dissasemble: it's there as long as you don't observe it
  202 Ceci n'est pas une r2pipe
  203 Buy a mac
  204 (gdb) ^D
  205 ((fn [f s n] (str (f f s n) "dare2")) (fn [f s n] (pr s) (if (> n 0) (f f (str s "ra") (dec n)) s)) "" (/ 1.0 0))
  206 There's no way you could crash radare2. No. Way.
  207 When in doubt, try 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa; pd;'
  208 .-. .- -.. .- .-. . ..---
  209 Disassemble?! No Disassemble Johnny No. 5!!!
  210 You crackme up!
  211 Welcome, "reenigne"
  212 Search returned no hits. Did you mean 'Misassemble'?
  213 º|<|<|  -( glu glu glu, im the r2 fish )
  214 Everybody hates warnings. Mr. Pancake, tear down this -Wall
  216 We fix bugs while you sleep.
  217 You find bugs while we sleep.
  218 The stripping process is not deep enough
  219 Come here, we are relatively friendly
  220 Don't wait for Travis
  221 Your problems are solved in an abandoned branch somewhere
  222 git blind --hard
  223 You need some new glasses
  224 aaaa is experimental
  225 We feed trolls
  226 Mind the tab
  227 Buy a Mac
  228 You have been designated for disassembly
  229 Helping siol merge? No way, that would be like.. way too much not lazy. - vifino
  230 What is the most complex r2 command? q - then you have to deal with real life /o\
  231 If you're having fun using radare2, odds are that you're doing something wrong.
  232 Don't trust what can't be compiled
  233 Coffee time!
  234 Can you you challenge a perfect immortal machine?
  235 Add more blockchains to your life.
  236 Congratulations! You got the segfault 1.000.000! Click [here] to win a prize!
  237 Well, it looks like it's working.
  238 There's more than one way to skin a cat
  239 git pull now
  240 git checkout hamster
  241 Noot noot
  242 This is an unregistered copy.
  243 10 reasons you want to bt on all threads - you will be shocked by number 3!
  244 Place a cat on your keyboard while running r2, you'll not believe what will happen next
  245 This binary may contain traces of human
  246 Help subcommand will be eventually removed.
  247 Carpe noctum.
  248 Your mouse has moved. Radare2 NT must be restarted for the change to take effect. Reboot now? [ OK ]
  249 There is only one binary, and we are all just reversing pieces of it.
  250 Radare2 is like violence. If it doesn't solve your problem, you aren't using enough.
  251 Order pizza for $12.48? [Y/n]
  252 r2OS r2pad 0.1 SMP GENERIC r2_64 GNU/r2OS
  253 AHHHHH!!!! ASSEMBLY CODE!!!!!! HOLD ME I'M SCARED!!!!!!!!!!
  254 In radare we trust
  255 We don't make mistakes... just happy little segfaults.
  256 r2 is for the people
  257 Use headphones for best experience.
  258 Starting bitcoin miner in background...
  259 Downloading and verifying the blockchain...
  260 The anti-virus database has been updated.
  261 The motion picture contained in this videodisc is protected under the copyright laws.
  262 This software is sold for home use only and all other rights are expressly reversed by the copyleft owner.
  263 Any commercial use or duplication of this copylefted material without prior licensing is forbidden.
  264 Violators will be prosecuted.
  265 This shell has been seized by the Internet's Police.
  266 OpenBSD might pledge r2 but r2 unveils OpenBSD.
  267 Error: There's a missing space before the opening parenthesis '('
  268 WARNING: r_list_length: assertion 'list' failed (line 55)
  269 This accessory is not supported by this version of radare2.
  270 When can we have an official anime mascot for radare2?
  271 Iaito became Cutter the same way Iai-giri became Cut.
  272 Sorry, radare2 has experienced an internal error.
  273 Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  274 Use rabin2 to discover the real TRUTH
  275 ==1337== ERROR SUMMARY: 0 errors from 0 contexts (suppressed: 0 from 0)
  277 Most likely your core dump fell into a blackhole, can't see it.
  278 Long time no C
  279 radare2 is power, France is pancake.
  280 Come to C me!
  281 Unable to locate package gdb
  282 You C it, you fix it!
  283 How good is your C?
  284 I C dead bugs everywhere!
  285 You will soon have an out of memory experience.
  286 This binary no good. Try another.
  287 BSOD!
  288 Mind the trap.
  289 For a full documentation see `r2 -qc iz /lib/libr_core.so`
  290 99 bugs, take one down pass it around. 100 bugs...
  291 I like my binary stripped.
  292 Now 8-bit clean with better ASCII!
  293 Please insert disc 2 and press any key to continue...