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    1 <TITLE>Quicktime for Linux</TITLE>
    3 <H1>Utilities</H1>
    5 Doing <CODE>make util</CODE> builds several small utilities.<P>
    8 <B>dump</B> loads a quicktime movie and dumps the contents of Quicktime
    9 for Linux's tables, including the fields which aren't used.<P>
   11 <B>qtinfo</B> dumps some formatted information about a movie.<P>
   13 <B>make_streamable</B> copies a movie to a new movie which can be
   14 played before it is completely downloaded.<P>
   16 <B>dechunk</B> If a video track is present, this dumps every frame into
   17 a separate file.  If the video uses RAW compression, every frame is
   18 dumped into a <B>ppm</B> file.<P>